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Recent posts by Victor Alexeenko

I took Part III exam on Sept 12th. My result was graded on Sept 30th.
You don't have to. Just put HTTP proxy server in front of you application server. Proxy can reside inside of the DMZ and forward outside requests to the Web Service.
How long does it take to see results of part 2&3 in I7 DB ?
I can see results in CertManager dated Sept 30 but I7 is still not updated.
I just want to put it in my resume and I7 is the only place from which I can publish my credentials.
Visio is good up to a certain point. For instance for deployment diagrams and some class & sequence diagrams. Since it's intended to serve in Microsoft world it does not support Java object model 100%. For instance, you can't assign StatelessSessionBean stereotype to a class.
I am going through it myself and looking for an alternative. Look at for UML2 project. See if it's any better.
I've used free Exforsys's mock exam

Question are pretty close to the real exam. Some of them even identical.
Hi everyone,

I am new here. I've got some questions on Part 3 exam. Are questions the same for everybody? Or they are personalized depending on submitted assignment?