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Recent posts by Daniel CarMichael

Honestly, if you've 14 years of experience or more, I think you know more than most of us here. A degree wouldn't help a lot to locate a new job or for salary raise. The study would be just for self-fulfillment.
21 years ago
Basically I haven't seen anyone discussing answers here rather than trying to understand the problems and issues involved. This is a necessary step and a very positive approach in our daily work too. We don't just sit at our desk and believe that we understand something which we actually don't. By all means it is always the process of working towards a PERFECT solution through exchanging intellectual discussions I enjoyed most. It is not difficult to work on your own desk and get the certificate by passing the exam marginally at 70% . The certificate in itself don't have too much value as such. The existence of this FORUM is not only to post the exam results or to obtain pointers to some factual information and materials. They're readily available on the internet and it doesn't warrant a forum such as this.
This is just my view. However, I appreciate people who takes the certification process seriously.
Note the wording "Application development productivity is more of a concern than end user application performance".
I've adopted an option similar to your second option. My transMasterXMLImpl class basically translating a Java function call seekAuthorization() into an XML document according to the XML-RPC API specification. It will also open a secure SSL connection using javax.net.ssl.SSLSocket (from JSSE API), negotiating an SSL connection with the TransMaster Server using the reference to a keystore which holds the keys to provide mutual authentication. The server thread will wait until TransMaster replies with a response XML document. The TransMasterXMLImpl class will then translate the XML document and return a boolean value to the system.
Would you mind to tell us what makes you get the high marks in the class diagram and the component diagram?
I only see 2 actors in the Use Case Diagram given. You may even consider them as one depending on your design.
If login is a pre-condition, how come a customer who has not logged in can proceed until he needs to confirm the flights?
Gennady, would you care to point out what is wrong with the class diagram on p.169?
Would somebody tell the difference between the Business Domain Model and Class Diagram?
I'm not sure BDM is showing the actual Class relationship. What does the line connecting two entities in the BDM means? Association relationship? If this is the case and noting that we're not allowed to alter the BDM, doesn't that mean that we can't add new relationship among the entities shown?
Actually I'm not going to alter the existing 'lines', just want to add new relationships which I think are missing in the Class Diagram. For example, say, if I create a new association between Segment and Seats, will this count as altering the BDM?
What GoF design pattern(s) does Data Access Object exhibit?
What GoF design pattern(s) does Value Object exhibit?
Any idea?
This is a sample question from Sun's Certificate Success Guide.
9. Which statement is true?
A. Classes loaded into a browser from the local network are trusted.
B. Classes loaded into a browser from remote sources are trusted if they are signed.
C. Classes loaded into a browser from remote sources are trusted if they are in a signed jarfile.
D. Classes loaded from a jarfile on a remote source can sometimes be trusted even if the jarfile is unsigned.
E. Classes loaded from a signed jarfile are trusted if the public key associated with the jarfile's signature is
marked as trusted in the keystore.
The suggested answer is D. On the contrary, I think all options are right except D.
Should the question be "Which statement is false" instead?
I've received it yesterday from Amazon.
This book is definitely useful for those posting questions here asking what is the scope of SCEJA exam and what kind of materials are required.
For those exam-oriented people, the $39.99 price tag is worthy, IMHO.
Isn't it very funny?
22 years ago
Is it O.K. to use commerical software like JClass to do the assignment?