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As people above have already mentioned, you need to identify what the performance goals are. Especially, in web application environment, you can get freeware tools like YSlow, PageSpeed etc or even go to "www.webpagetest.org" and see how your application is performing currently. Based on the resulting statistics, you can determine what to optimize and how much to optimize.

Without such starting points, I dont think anyone would be able to answer this question - as performance in itself is a very vast topic.
13 years ago
Welcome Bear.... and welcome "JQuery in Action"........
Forget about the tree part... consider this:

When I meet a friend of mine, with whom I had no correspondence for a very long time, we chit chat and catch up - one story thread leads to another, and another until it reaches some point that the topic that we discuss at that time had radically no connection to the one we initially started off with. I was bewildered of this procession, and had the accidental opportunity of encountering more than once.

Its just that when you are perfectly relaxed, your subconscious mind takes over the matter more as you've left your mind wander without any reigns. Just that you took some notes at that time, shows you when you "wake up" what you were thinking while you were relaxed - perfectly understandable if it makes absolutely no sense to you when your mind is back in the everyday chaos
13 years ago

Did you try googling for the eclipse hibernate plugin (hibernate synchronizer) ?
Check it out...
Locking the transaction will only give integrity to the process, but not necessarily the integrity to ticket count remaining. You answered it correctly, but I guess we can add a bit more of information to press the result

What I am thinking is like a temporary buffer - The moment someone passes the step1 (I guess thats where the seat availability check is done), decrement the ticket counter by one, and add one ticket to the in-process buffer (the temporary buffer, I mentioned before) - This ensures that the ticket will be available if the user successfully competes the transaction, no matter what the speed of his connection is. If the transaction fails or is aborted for some reason, you need to do the reverse of the initial process (reduce one ticket from in-process, and add one to the available... and so on)
13 years ago
On the text box's onkeypress event, add a javascript method to trigger the second submit button. I guess that should do it.
IllegalAccessException is a specific type of Exception, which get thrown in specific conditions only. The catch block could get to that only if your block of code could somehow create an illegal access, or could deliberately throw one, using the "throws" clause. Since your piece of code didnt do either, the code inside the catch block was unreachable.

The general "Exception" however would catch anything which confirms with a negative activity (except for an error) - ie, any runtime exceptions too. Hence the compiler would not be able to decide if the code inside the catch will be or will not be reached.

hence the result.
13 years ago

For file upload to work correctly, the method=POST needs to be mentioned in the form definition as well as the correct path.
I'm not sure if that is the culprit, but you did miss the "slash" before the DocumentUpload in action="DocumentUpload"


<form type="blah-blah-blah" path="/some_path" method="post">
13 years ago
I see that you are trying to split the string based on spaces.... why go to all this trouble when you have:

String.split(" ") readily available ???
13 years ago
I dont think you can do this in plain Java without any agent running in the remote system.

1. if the system is unix based, write a script (in the remote machine) which will return the time zone, and execute this script remotely using Java/SSH/SCP API.
2. same in windows, but instead of *.sh, you might want to look for a *.bat file or see if there are any MFC components that is available which can return the time zone.
3. if there is an SNMP agent running int he remote machine, you can try getting the data from the SNMP MIB as well (you might want to check out some SNMP libraries like the westhawk stack or snmp4j)

Hope this helps...
13 years ago
Once you reverted your change, redeploy your application in tomcat, and also, delete the tomcat>work directory to clean all the cached/precompiled entities.
Then restart your server and see if you still experience the problem.
13 years ago
Kausthubh... I know this might be illegal use of brands, but being a fellow Bangalorean for a few years, I guess where you can get this done.

1. Cups: Go to any GK Vale studios (there is one near Udupi hotel, and one behind Raheja arcade)
2. T-Shirts : lot of window stalls near Forum mall.

Get them the image you want to impose on your cup/tshirt, and go happy
13 years ago
It is the enhanced "for-each" loop of Java introduced since Java 1.5 (Tiger).
I suppose we can.

But make sure you update the web.xml file too. (struts-config.xml file is mentioned as a <param> parameter to the ActionServlet). So long as you update this location with your change as well, I dont think there should be a problem.
13 years ago
back from the joke, you might want to check out any of these :

1) Pidgin
2) Digsby
13 years ago