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Recent posts by Steve Renard

Sorry about the delay.But This issue is still open.
t:inputFileUpload has a text box and a browse button.
It allows me to choose a file and fills up the text box with full file path.
So while I retrieve the file back form database, I need to display the full file path in the UI. (I don't need a download link)
I appreciate your help.
13 years ago
I'm using t:inputFileUpload from tomahawk library for file upload functionality in my application.
On the corresponding backing bean, I have org.apache.myfaces.custom.fileupload.UploadedFile as the property.
It works great when it comes to the setter part. The file I upload goes to the server and is written as a database column value.
But for some reason the getter part has problems and I'm never able to display in UI the same file that I retrieve from database.
I need a solution to this issue. Please help.
13 years ago
I'm using JSF/Tomahawk library for my application.
For a file upload functionality, I have used t:inputFileUpload tag.
It works fine and am able to upload & download back the file.
But, how do I filter files in the file selection dialog to display only *.doc files?
Any help is appreciated.
13 years ago
Any experts, please help me on this.
I need to resolve this to proceed further.
14 years ago
I'm getting the following error in the logs when I try to test a web service using Soap UI tool.
The web service is hosted on localhost oc4j.
Please help me.
14 years ago
To start with, I'm a newbie to Web Services.
I have a Spring based web service wrapped around an existing EJB application.
Both the web service and the EJB are in the form of EAR files.
Also there is a lot of security related requirements like certificates etc to access the web service.
Now, how do I deploy and test the web service?
I need more basic steps to start from as I'm a novice to web services.
Thanks in advance.

14 years ago
I have a web application using Struts JSP, Servlets.
On top of each page, the user name logged in is displayed.
I have created a UserDTO class for this with static variables.
However, I face a problem here.
When more than one user is logged in concurrently and perform operations, the user name is displayed interchangeably and gets messed up.
Because whichever user logs in latest overwrites the UserDTO static variables.
How to get around this problem?
I want to find a way where the user name can be tracked for each user separately and displayed accordingly.
Please help me..
15 years ago
Here's the AJAX code:
I have a J2EE web application which performs database select, update and insert operations..
All the operations work fine after thorough testing.
But only in some cases, the update and insert operations take forever and just sit there doing nothing.
Interestingly, I don't get any exception or error in the logs..
But after some research, I was able to find something unusual.
I have AJAX calls inside my JSP's.
I suspect that whenever I trigger an update/insert operation before an AJAX response comes back, I run into this problem.
And I'm unable to perform any update/insert operation thereafter.
I'm not sure if the problem is because of AJAX conflict or something else..
Please suggest me..
Do you have any code samples I can look at...
I too have the same idead of implementing.
But I'm stuck at how to pass it to a new window and print from there..
Code samples would guide me better.
I appreciate your help..
I have a database table in my JSP.
When I select a row in the table and hit "Print", it needs to print the fields on a paper.
I open a separate window when "Print" is hit and show the print dialog.
My question is how do I carry the field values from the parent JSP to the new window and print them.
Please help..
In other words, I want to allocate cell width individually for each cell.
Looking forward to your help..
The table-layout: fixed; attribute allocates the table width equally to all the columns.
But I have some columns which are wider than the others.
Here there are unwanted spaces for a short cell text and clipped part for a wide cell text.
So the non-uniformity problem is back again on the width part.
Please help..
That worked..
Thanks a lot!!!
The width portion of the problem is taken care of now..
But I have the row height auto adjusted for a large cell value..
So I still don't get the overall uniformity across the table.
Suggestions please..