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since May 03, 2007
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Recent posts by Yemi Dalley


within the iterator
13 years ago
Please does anyone know how to use the value attribute of the file tag.

I'm trying to do initialize the file tag if a file was previously uploaded.

13 years ago
This is an error that i got very often when i stated using struts. I'm surprised the struts docs don't warn new developers about this major gotcha.

back to your problem , In my experience most often than not you get this error when the result type is unknown

in your case

returns "success" not "SUCCESS"

so change your result name from


I hope this helps
13 years ago

Has anyone used Spring to configure a Struts 2 validator ?
I'm using Struts 2 XML validation in my project and i need to read some details from my domain model, can i inject the beans into the validator using spring ?

Thanks in advance
13 years ago
I'm using hibernate, so i don't manage the connections.
I've configured spring with it now, and everything seems to be ok.

13 years ago
Hello Please my app refuses to startup in tomcat,

I'm using struts, spring and hibernate ...


tomcat logs
13 years ago

I have some problems with my struts 2 app.

I have an Action class that contains a list of items from the bd.

I also have a JSP page that has a criteria form for searching and the results at the bottom of the page.
When i invoke the search button my action gets called and the list is set in the Action but the jsp does not update the list, only the old list shows with originally loaded values.


13 years ago
The important thing is to document such an assumption, KISS is okay but note that you implement hashcode and equals yourself.
The hashcode might not even use any of your properties.

thanks guys ;
It's very interesting indeed ..
my problem was because i didn't unexportObject the remote object , i only called unbind.

After calling unexportObject the default timeout seems to be ok.
Hello all,

I'm rounding off my URLyBird assignment but i've noticed that the client just waits forever whenever the server is no longer unavailable. Is there a way to set a time out, after which the proxy throws an appropriate exception ?

Hello all,

I have a Map with Hotel Bookings as Cache ...

How did people implement search with Synchronization ?

Is the map locked while another thread is searching for Bookings ?

Should delete be possible during a search ?

In Andrew's book, there was no locking in the search algorithm, what if a thread deleted a record after a call to <Map>.keySet.iterator() ?

I'm just wondering if using reentrant.readWriteLock to lock for even searches is not going to impact significantly on the app.