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Recent posts by Shanmugam nagaraj

Hi pete reisinger,
Yeah.. I expected something like these response which help me to think thanks... long time never touch the java code, because of my responsibility changed a bit as .net like share point and moss, recently I got questioned like this and I unable to respond so I think think think now started to come back to learn java again. In my perspective to learn some thing faster is forum that's wju I choose the java ranch (beginner)which I used it before. and dont know why some body get it like this .... may I know where is the place which can what ever I need to get it clear my self... but personally last time java ranch answer me all my questions.. thanks for all responses...

13 years ago
Hi Roger,
I will try,
But use if else will it be more if else and that why I felt like its not efficient and I think of posting this one to get some expert advice..
13 years ago
I bit need a help to write this code, based on the table given
- Need to get the name as a input
- After that it want to identify what are the number for each character based on the tabular column given
- And after that need to sum all the identified number, and sum need to go deep like until it ends single number

for example
if I give input as "raj "
then it will identify the number like : r=6, a=1, j=4
and sum it now like 6+1+4=11 and sum it more like 1+1=2
so the number is 2.

Please help at least like what are needs to use to get this outcome with short java program.


13 years ago
Hi all,
Consider as new bie in estimation.
What are things to consider for estimating the project? in terms of mandays and time.
Any standard template to follow?
Whether mandays or time depends on technology we select?

Thanks in advance

Hi Deepak,
Thanks for your response...

I need a free ER diagram tool which can use in my project (company)....

Because I bit confused some of the free tools say that can use in education purpose cannot use for commercial purpose.
please advice...


Hi Arul,

Whether these tools can use in office, I mean for commerical purpose???

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 12:46:51 PM Subject: Free UML diagram Tool


JUG - Java UML Generator
UML Modeller (KDE app for Linux)
UML Library for Java
Quick UML for Java
UML Sculptor

Hi all,
Im not sure whether it is rite place to ask, Sorry if not.
Can any body recommend free tools for ER diagram for commerical purpose.
I dont think so work experience is must to pass the exam, Sound knowledge in java is enough to go thru the exam. Because when I passed the exam I never experience in all the parts of java
All the best for your SCJP.
15 years ago
Hi Ravi,
I think the name of the class cannot be "Main". check with different name.

15 years ago
Thanks.. I will follow the way you gave...

And I find my first mentor Kengkaj Sathianpantarit (won't you be??)


Thanks Felix Sima and Kengkaj Sathianpantarit for your reply..

especially I expected some thing like Kengkaj reply..

Ok I understand that these skills needed, any body(who crossed the way before..) advice me some good refference books name or url link to start up each skills mentioned by kengkaj above

And currently the market or IT field is not in good shape.. What is the scope of this job please give me some advice, whether am I take the correct decision...or Am I going on the rite track... Lot of confusion going in my mind(sleep is not coming at all....)

Please advice..

Once again thanks for the reply..

Hi all,
Iam sun certified java programmer. Currently working in a s/w concern, I would like to be a software architecture or solution architecture.

Can some body help me to understand the following question for architecture:


Where to start?
What to read first?
What are the difference type of jobs in this like solution architecture, software architecture, system architecture?
How to think in architecture perspective?
What are the skills I need to concentrate?
What are the refference books available and how to apply in my current project?
and last but least
Do I must certify in architecture to get this job?
How many years experience needed to work as a excellent architecture?

What is future or scope for architecture ?


Yes boss,
But I not getting the right answer...
Hi all,
This is my first step in requirement gathering, Any body here have cross more than two steps please please help...

while gathering requirement how can we capture the logic behind the radio button and table in the form, report, letter etc...

For example :
if you have 50 fields in one form and you need to select one radio button out of 5 radio button if the first radio button has selected then you need to populate the 10 and 20 th fields.
And how to capture the table in the form, For eg if the form have column heading, row heading and no of cells, the cells need to be enter so how basically we capture and document it? what kind of approach is the best approach to follow?

how can we capture the requirements and document it for the purpose of developer. So the document is to be like ready to develop.

Any body have any sample template to capture this kind of situation, I struggle a lot for 3 weeks, but can't find a solution. please share your experience or ideas...

I need list of template, or any books to refer my situation

Thanks in advance