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Recent posts by M Patel

hi Alex,

My class diagram only focussed on business domain entities.
My component diagram was single diagram, and all components were left to right with relations. All components were streotyped with actual implementation tag like SFSB, SLSB, POJO and DesignPatterns names etc...
Now my time to give feedback to community, I passed SCEA 2 and 3 with 90%.
I preapred around 12 pages documentation with sections as requirements summary, assumptions, architecture and design choices.
One class diagram only few attributes shown for some of classess
One component diagram with detailed J2ee components and design patterns hightlighted
Seven Sequence diagram , 4 for each usecases, 2 for login and 1 for delegate and facade interaction

I spent 2 weeks on part 2 assignment. I took off from work. I do not have any big direct j2ee development and implementation experience. I have doen few small j2ee project but old java guy.

Part 3 was very easy, asking how you have handled this , that in your architecture.

Hopefully this is helpful to users.
Hi, I am planning to take SCEA part I exam in next week. I was wondering if anybody who has taken this exam recently can guide whether exam still covers only EJB 1.0 and EJB 1.1 version of concepts.

I was more interested to know about EJB 2.0 and EJB 2.1 version of concepts, Message driver beans , web services etc..Obviously not EJB 3.0 , whether as of today exam covers these ones or not. Should I invest time in these too or just cover 1.0 and 1.1 versions to meet exam requirements??