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Recent posts by Victor Williams Stafusa da Silva

I got the same problem. Believe it. There is a reason for this.

Let's say you got a tag-file:

I.E. The purpose is to set some value taken from EL or some HTML and make it visible to the caller. Using taglibs is not good enough, because handling the HTML in java code sucks. Normally, the HTML and the inserted value should be unentangled, but if the inserted value is a bunch of complicated HTML, it simply can't be well unentangled.

But, it is very simple to write a SimpleTag to simulate a <c:set> where the var is rtexprvalue. So, in my opinion, <c:set> should have the var attribute with rtexprvalue="true", so nobody would need to reinvent the well in this point.
13 years ago
The page is here:

Will the Sun certification tracks or requirements change?
Sun certification tracks will be modified to follow Oracle's certification model: Associate, Professional, Master, and Expert. All changes to the Sun certification credential names, tracks, and requirements will be available on the Oracle Certification Program Web page.

I am afraid of that. This would mean that SCJA will become a prerequisite of SCJP (or whatever name it will take)? What will happen with SCJD and SCEA? What would happen with with the plans of SCJP+ and rumors about ajax certification and SCWCD 6? And, what about SCMAD and SCDJWS which have very few demand? Finally what about SCBCD? Will the certifications OCJM - Oracle Certified Java Master and OCJE - Oracle Certified Java Expert be created?

How do I obtain vouchers for Sun exams through Oracle University?
Candidates will no longer need to obtain an exam voucher prior to registering for Sun exams at Prometric. Simply go to and pay the exam fee with your credit card during the registration process. If you already have an exam voucher, this can still be used as payment at Prometric when you register.

That is bad. I really hate credit cards.

Will Oracle University support the Sun Certification Program?
Oracle plans to migrate and offer Sun certification offerings to Oracle certification offerings. Changes in the program will be communicated to candidates on the Sun and/or Oracle Certification Program Web pages. Please check these sites frequently if you have questions or concerns.

Will my credential be branded Oracle or Sun?
For now, the credential will remain a Sun certification. In the future, Sun certification credentials will be fulfilled through the Oracle Certification Program. Any branding changes will be posted on the Oracle Certification Web page.

This is here?

So somebody has an idea about the future of sun java certs?
13 years ago
Hi. I am a bit late, but lets go.

We already have other projects hosted in another server, just that one was in opensvn. We definitely migrated to there.

I resigned in trying to make TortoiseSVN work in my computer. I am using the svn client integrated with netbeans and rapid svn. I fixed the corrupted working copy by checking-out a new one using rapidsvn and pasting manually each changed file from the corrupted working copy to the new one. I used a comparation tool called CSDiff to compare the to directories and find out the different files. After that, i commited it using the svn client in netbeans and deleted the corrupted working copy.

If someone has a idea of how to install TortoiseSVN manually, I would be glad. What sort of registry entries should I change?

My computer is an old notebook. Slow, few memory, 97% disk space full. It already felt in the ground several times. It gives bluescreens occasionally. When it runs checkdisc, it always finds at least one corrupted file. It used to had wi-fi, but the hardware was damaged and this does not works anymore. The battery does not works anymore and the computer only runs when plugged. Some random hardware errors occurs sometimes. I really really deseperately need a new computer, but I don't have money for now.
Hello guys.

I am in a project that uses SVN hosted in openSVN (, and was using TortoiseSVN and Netbeans 6.5. Using Windows XP.

So I switched to Netbeans 6.8 and used its SVN features as well. When i got to update it using TortoiseSVN, I got the message "this client is too old, please upgrade". Oh hell, here we came to my first thought of the day about SVN/TortoiseSVN: "The silently upgrade misfeature really sucks and is really very annoying".

Well, I downloaded the TortoiseSVN MSI file, and went to install it, and solve this.

But... Surprise: I got the infamous "The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed" message.

I searched TortoiseSVN's FAQ and saw an entry pointing to an article in the microsoft knowledge base. That article said to ensure that System has the needed permissions and that the installation is done with an administrator account. Was ok, the System has the needed permissions and I am the admin. Tried to unregister and register the installation service. Done that but no success. Finally, try to reinstall Windows Installer.

So, I downloaded a fresh Windows Installer from microsoft and installed it. Windows Installer's Installation was succesfully. However when trying to install Tortoise SVN, I still got "The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed". I noticed that other software could be installed and uninstalled normally, just TortoiseSVN messes up. I can't uninstall the old TortoiseSVN either.

In the TortoiseSVN FAQ, it is made very clear that no other way of installation would be provided and that it MUST be installed with the MSI installer. So, my second thought of the day about SVN/TortoiseSVN: "Do not rely just on microsoft installer for the installation your software".

So I decided to use something different. Tried RapidSVN (which was perfectly installed without any problems). Differently from what the name suggests, it is very slow, has lots of bugs and is very incomplete, only barely usable. So my third thought: "Tigris should really spent some more effort in RapidSVN."

Well, so my best solution was stick to Netbeans SVN, and go on with the development. However, to just increase my bad luck, openSVN crashed and went offline for some days. Now they are online again, but... wrote:We have experienced a severe data loss. We have pulled backups, but your repositories may be out of sync.

Since I am really very lucky with SVN, I could confirm that my repository gone out-of-sync and my last commit, 432, was lost. The repository was on 431. Without knowing this, a co-worker commited a thing in the repository over 431, which was versioned 432.

Tried to merge my old 432 with his 432 and boom: "A checksum mismatch occurred".

I realized that I should use the clean command but, unfortunately Netbeans SVN does not have this. RapidSVN does not have either. So, my fourth thought: "IDE integrated SCM tools should be very complete and cover every functionality that is provided in the SCM."

So, I was desesperate. I ripped the files of the TortoiseSVN MSI installer and tried to copy the files manually and fix the registry accordingly (I made a backup). However, it did not worked. My frankstein TortoiseSVN fails at startup.

Finally, I decided to complain and search for some help at TortoiseSVN official forum. Naturally, I need to register. In the register page, my last surprise: The captcha. The captcha is very hard to read, but it looks like "mb7ay" or "mb7dy". Whatever I type there, the captcha fails. Trying to refresh the page is useless, I always see the exact same captcha. So my fifth thought: "Captchas should be unreadable for machines, not for humans."

So I decided up to share my sad history here, to see your opinions. Of course, if someone has some idea of what more I could do, it would be nice.
Hi people. I joined a project where EL-expressions are readed from XML files. So I need to find a way to evaluate an EL-expression twice. For example, let suppose that this is readed from a XML and saved in a String variable x:In my jsp, I need to do something like this (I know that currently this is illegal):That application is not mine, and I am refactoring it. However I can't do whatever I want, and specifically I can't drop nor change the behavior of the feature of reading EL from XML files. In the actual code, this problem is solved with very ugly and hackish scriptlets and taglibs with code like this:My objective is to eliminate such scriptlets and minimize the use of such taglibs. So, somebody knows a way to accomplish this? Is double EL evaluation possible? If not, what workarounds I could use that are not any worse than these scriptlets?
14 years ago
I got this same problem some days ago. I had a main page with 3 subpanes inside.
I used something like this: I hope that this helps you.
14 years ago
Hi. I am new to JSF and I am having trouble in creating a search result page in JSF.

This is in my file "/telas/buscar_exame.jsp":

This a snippet of my faces-config.xml:

My managed bean has an attribute called "visualizadorExames" which is a Collection<Visualizador>. There is a getter for this too.
The class Visualizador is an inner class of my managed bean (i.e. a smelly ugly hack) and has an attribute "exame" that is just an entity class already populated (the thing shown in the result).
The class Visualizador has a method prosseguir() which put the corresponding "exame" attribute in another managed bean (used in the next screen) and return the String "prosseguir" (don't looks good too).

Well... The result is a disaster. There are 2 problems here. The first is that my panel is not rendered correctly (the search results looks messy). But my big show-stopper problem is that clicking in a result does not navigate to the next page, instead it reloads the search result page.

About the nesting of the <a4j:form>, this is because the content outside the <a4j:repeat> tag needs to use the external form (ie, it is the search form and the search results needs to be in the middle of it), while the <a4j:form> nested in the <a4j:repeat> tag is intended to be the form that submits to show the next screen.

I am a novice to JSF. I just started to study it seriously three weeks ago.

Can somebody help me?

Edit: debugging it, looks like that the prosseguir() method is never called. So i wonder what is being called when I click the link.
About the rendering problem, I already tried to change the order of the tags, but no success.

Edit 2: I fixed the rendering problem and cleaned up the ugly stuff thanks to this.
But it still not working, it still comes back to the same page. I did what was in the article, but used <a4j:repeat> instead of <h:dataTable> because dataTable did not played well with <a4j:form> (yes, I tried with dataTable).
14 years ago

David Newton wrote:The interrupts interfere w/ my token ring driver; is this configurable?

Yes. Just create a plugin for struts using your telephone and link it in Fortran 66. With this, you will be able to write the XML config in a paper.
Hi, I have written stateful session beans in Perl, however I'm in trouble running them in a desktop PHP application using the microsoft's virtual machine for linux. Can somebody help me?
I have a big problem, it's very urgent. I can't find the answer.

Can somebody help me, please?
I found it here:
I did not knew this link prior to seeing this topic. It shows my SCJP, SCWCD and SCJA passing scores . But, unfortunatey, it did not show my (failed) SCDJWS score.
The beta test is harder than the final test because the beta were very long and tiresome, and probably there was bad questions which were removed. So, it is natural that the beta has a lower passing score.

Bob Nedwor wrote:What the heck is JSON???

JSON = JavaScript Object Notation.

It's basically the language used in javascript to represent serialized objects. It's structure is very similar to XML, but it is simpler and more compact.