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Recent posts by Prabu Swami

Anyone got the voucher?.
Oh.. my granny-cum-proctor option is ruled out !
You must have to go to Prometric.
For those who are going for Sample test at Prometric..
Good Luck guys..Cool and be relaxed and prepared..
I guess there won't be much rush like last time offer.

[ December 01, 2003: Message edited by: Prabu Swami ]
IBM knows the certification game and the candidates psychology..!
PRIME does not need a procter
[ December 02, 2003: Message edited by: Prabu Swami ]
All the long waited tests are available now
Prime is working just fine
[ December 02, 2003: Message edited by: Prabu Swami ]
Hey I could not see all the tests!
I just see the following under WebSphere Assessment/Sample Tests
Outline View
This view is not available for WebSphere Assessment/Sample Tests. See Other Tests below.

Other Tests
346 s - Sample Test 346, IBM WS Application Svr z/OS V5.0 - English (US) - $10.00 USD
483 s - Sample Test 483, Ent. Conn. w/ J2EE V1.2 - English (US) - $10.00 USD
Is it the same for everyone?.
Why not!
Check Java Programming on Linux by Nathan Mayers, Wait Group Press.
Good for those who are new to Linux and somewhat familier with Java
[ November 17, 2003: Message edited by: Prabu Swami ]
18 years ago
Anyone did some experiment with precision of floating point calculation with respect to AMD vs Intel?.
I mean without using strictfp, how close the results computed by Intel and AMD processors. Are they exactly the same or differ?
Just to know ..
18 years ago
Excellent article!
Exactly thats why, eventhough I am in the industry for more than 5 years having a verity of up-to-date certifications, I wanted to do M.S in CS to strengthen my foundation. I feel that my M.S in Physics will not serve for long run.
Any comments on my previous post?
18 years ago
Hi all,
I want to do an online/distance education master's degree in CS or Software Engineering. I have a M.S in Physics with 5 years IT experience.
Anyone has done a research on this topic?.
Anyone currently doing such course?.
No matter which country the university belongs to, as long as it is reputed and accredited ( and 100% online or not requiring us to visit the campus ).
Please share your experience.
[ October 01, 2003: Message edited by: Prabu Swami ]
18 years ago
Hi all,
Thanks for your response.
I have got sufficient number of CVs for review.
Qualified candidates will be contacted individually.
Dear Moderator,
Could you please close this thread?.
As it is not needed anymore.
18 years ago
Hi all,
I am so happy to see responses from professionals like you. Thanks for your interest.
Your details/CVs will be absolutly confidential.
I will contact you personally.
If someone else interested, please respond with your CV directly to my email
18 years ago
I am a J2EE architect from Paris, France.
Living in France for the past 7 years, basically I am from Chennai.
I am getting request from French clients to oursource new and maintenance projects to India.
I am planning to setup a offshore development center in Chennai. I welcome interested developers to join my team.
I look for the following skillset,
1) J2EE
-WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss, Tomcat
2) .NET
3) Linux/Opensource
4) Oracle/DB2
5) OOD and test methodologies
My Target client:
small to mediam companies
(Big companies are already outsourced to India by big companies like InfoSys, ValTech,etc)
Mode of Work:
via internet, email, FTP
(must respect deadlines)
Lanuage of communication:
(I will deal with French in French)
source code
- JavaDoc (for java projects)
- UML/Software Architecture
- user guide
- On par with the Chennai market or % of profit.
- at the end of project (no advance)
- no monthly payment (since we have small projects of duration less than a month)
I welcome:
(currently employed and willing to do part-time)
- Project Leads
- Software developers
- Self employed / freelancers
- University Students in CS courses

Feel free to discuss with me and send your current CV.

Prabu Swamidurai,
[ June 26, 2003: Message edited by: Prabu Swami ]
18 years ago