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Recent posts by Jose Campana

Hello guys,

I finally got it, although I had to do some test runs on paper instead of using a debugger. I previously wasn't able to see that each call has to wait for the result of the next one in order to multiply it by the base. And it's really beautiful because it is indeed an accurate representation of the mathematical concept. Thank you, especially to you Jesper, your step by step guide opened my eyes finally.

Remembering recursion has been great !

Have a nice day !

12 years ago
Greetings Guys!

This may be a little simple for many programmers here, but believe it or not, I'm having trouble understanding how this recursive "power of" algorithm works. Here it is, please have a look:

What I don't understand is, how can the value of b remain the same in every single iteration ? - This makes it really hard to understand what happens when the method stack begins to pop all the method calls, more specifically, I can't see what b is multiplied against to at this point.

Can anybody enlighten me please?

Best Regards,
12 years ago
Ulf !

Thank you very much ! It's obvious I didn't take the time to look into those "Legacy" languages. And for a second I thought those were pointers there, like C++ or something.
Anyways, good to know how those comments work in that language, Thanks for the tip.

You're awesome as always Ulf.

Hey, can you recommend a guide to quickly review the syntax of that/those language(s) ?

Best Regards,

12 years ago
Good day to everyone !

As suggested by the FAQ itself, I began reading the Algorithms pdf that's uploaded in this site, and so far it has been very illustrative, until I reached a pseudo-code that confused me.

Could someone please explain to me this pseudo-code? well, I'm not that lost, The part I'm confused about is the one that's inside the parentheses next to the DO.

I will attach an image just in case someone is wondering how it's displayed in the book itself.

It'd be really nice If someone provided the Java code for this pseudo-code.!

Thank you very, very much in advance!


12 years ago
Hello there fellow colleagues !

Could anybody please tell me where can I find a list of all the Visual controls to build User interfaces that are available for the latest release of JME ?

I've found this list here, but I'm afraid it's too old to trust it to be the latest one. Could anybody else guide to where I could find the proper and latest documentation on GUI classes ?

Thank you very much in advance.

Best Regards,

13 years ago
I thought about SQLite myself, How tough could it happen to be to ship it inside my Application ?

13 years ago
Good day everybody,

I have this particular need, where I need to have a file (xml) within my GWT app. I have some data in this xml I must read, change, and then write (update)
The file must be delivered or included within the Gwt App. Can anybody please tell me where can I place this file, so I can read/write it using java's file APi from an RPC Servlet.

Here's a brief description of how my App's directory structure looks

|__ src
| |__org
| | |__jose
| | |__client
| | |__server
| | |__shared
| |
|__ war

For my current needs, where would you suggest placing the file ?

Thank you very much in advance,

Have a nice day,

13 years ago
Hello fellow GWT programmers !

Need some kind of parallel advice here. I need to deliver a GWT application compiled inside an EAR file, I have managed to assemble my EAR file correctly and deploy it to a variety of application servers, but now I'm in a bit of a pickle here. A Client has requested I deliver my web app with some test data preloaded into the application. What's the best way to do this with GWT ? Is there a way to emulate a Database ? Could I use Serialization ? (I have already tried but the file locations become unpredictable) Could I deliver some sort of portable Database with my EAR file ?

I expect to read from you soon, and thanks in advance,

Best Regards,

13 years ago
Hello there !

Just one quick question so as not to bore you with extensive text.

Can I deploy the JPA jars as part of one enterprise application ?

I need to know if it's possible so that I can avoid creating a shared library inside the container. The JPA implementation I'm using is EclipseLink.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Jeanne,

Thank you very much for your reply. Your opinion is very important to me, because I admire you very, very much.

Infinite thanks for the guidance, no matter how brief or unbiased you comment was, it was valuable nonetheless.

Good luck,

13 years ago
Well, Mobile Computing would be a course for programmers who want to program a wide span of mobile devices, I think the focus of it, would be android and Iphone.
13 years ago
It's Business Process Management. It's some sort of advanced programming approach or something.

13 years ago
Hey, What's up ?

I wanted your opinion on something. My Company is offering me the chance to take one course for free. It can either be Mobile Computing or BPM. Which one sounds more appealing to you ?
or which one do you consider more useful ?

I want to read opinions.

Best Regards,

13 years ago
Hi Deepak !

Thanks for your response. First of all, I'll tell you that I think I'm a step closer to solving this problem, While reading OC4J's docs I found that an additional attribute is required in web.xml in the Web App for the container to process annotations:

But even though the previous problem vanished, injection through @EJB still does Not work !
I have followed your advice and removed all the attributes from the annotation, but the problem is the same, The result of calling this Servlet is a code 500 Error (meaning the resource isn't available I believe, in this case Injection failed, right?)

Asides from that, I have tried the old fashioned lookup using an Initial Context, and in that way it works very well:

I still need to use Dependency Injection, but at this point I'm completely clueless about what could possibly be causing the problem. It's so frustrating and sad.

Please Help Me.

Thanks for everything as always,

Good day,

I'm working with EJB3 in OC4J, but so far it's been a sincere pain try to get it to work. Apparently OC4J can't locate my EJB's remote proxy. Here's How it's configured inside OC4J (as displayed by the JNDI browser(jndi-browse.jpg))

However I'm getting the following error while trying to inject an EJB:

WARNING J2EE JNDI-00009 EJB Reference "jose/HelloBean" could not be resolved. Allowing J2EEContext creation to continue anyway
and this warning halts execution completely, even though somewhere I read it's supposed to be just a Warning.

Here is my EJB Implementation:

And this is the Servlet that Calls the EJB:

Why can't I Resolve this EJB ?

Please Help Me, I really need this to work...



PS. I wish Mr. Reza Rahman could help me out with this one, like he has helped me in the past. I believe He's one of the few who can (I hope I'm wrong though)