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Recent posts by arulk pillai

The SAR (Situation-Action-Result) technique is not only useful for writing great resumes, but also very useful for job interviews to tackle open questions like – Tell me a time where you identified & fixed an issue? What are your recent achievements that you are most proud of? What do you look for when you review others’ code? Why do you like software engineering ? and the list goes on.

Firstly, you state the situation that existed in your workplace, then you describe what you did about it and finally you describe the beneficial outcome.

8 real life Java scenarios of Situation-Action-Result (i.e. SAR) technique
3 months ago
Nothing beats self taught projects. Have a Git Hub account and create your own projects.

Software programming is a mindset about solving problems and adding value. Only experience can accomplish this. You gain experience by “reading lots of code, and writing lots of code“.
1 year ago