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Recent posts by Yogaraj Khanal

Ok did both. Now I am thinking about network security
OSCP CISSP or anything else that satisfy PDU also?
I got email from oracle that I cleared the exam.Thanks all for your help and support.
Congrats Happy for you
How details were your deployment and component diagram?
Thanks again.Also I am planning purpose JEE6 based solution where EJB component can be placed in myApp.war so where do I put it this war file in web server like Tomcat or application server like Websphere if i want to show cluster of web server as well as cluster of application server? May be just put static pages in web server or some module or put war in app server?

Also if i want to use this architecture device->OS->Tomcat web container and want to show three tomcat cluster should i put them in two devices or have two tomcat within same OS ? Are both valid way to represent? In case one server is down for whatever reason I feel its better to use two devices do you agree?
Thanks K. Tsang appreciate your kind and quick responses!

Another question in component diagram I have layer like this:
Presentation->Business->Persistance->Integration->External System
My question is
a)Can I show manger form business layer using persistance entities and then also dao to contact external system like email,ldap etc?
as well as
b)business manager access dao thorough entities or directly manager connecting dao by passing persistance tier
Not sure if I can mix and match from architecture perspective ?

In deployment diagram :
If I want to put firewall router should I put it before or after load balancer?
Thanks. My question about many to many was not about cardinality.
If my original model classes have many to many relationship am I supposed to add mapping class or handle in some other way?
I ordered another one within Dec using Java20 discount and send oracle email to cancel the other one. They said they will refund first order in a month still waiting.Do you guys know any other promo running this year that I can use for part three.
What type of component do I use to model load balancer and firewall?Any what do I do for many to many relationship in model classes?
Thanks looks like starUML is very easy to use and found out there is a way to make Uml2 compliant. I overcome my original and lot of other hurdle just playing around with it and reading doc.
How does diagram change if I want to replace managed bean with CDI bean?Can I just replace <<managed bean >> with <<cdi bean>> or anything else needs to be done?
1)Is it UML 2.0 compliant?
2)Some diagram get cutoff when i export and hyperlink to index.html any suggestion to fix this issue?
Thanks I have already competed mandatory training & passed part one.
I can't open your link looks like some character is replaced with funny face if you can post it again it would be great.
I bought this from Oracle and instead of discount they charged me additional tax. I didn't find any where to enter Java20.
Course/Product Title: Exam Voucher: Oracle Certification Master Assignments (6 months)
Total: USD 264.89
Passed 1Z0-807
Please suggest how do I proceed to 1Z0-865
I try to buy through Pearson VUE but it redirects to Oracle page?
Do I buy 1Z0-866 together with 1Z0-865?
Go to that link and click view exams
put for exam code and start from there.