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Recent posts by sravani jetty

Hi All,

I have a situation where we have multiple web applications running on mutilple tomcat versions but I have a request to move all the web applications on to a single Tomcat(version 6.5). Can somebody point me to the advantages and disadvantages of doing this?

8 years ago

I have a mailto hyperlink on my page and Outlook is my default mail client. When I click on this link it opens a new outlook window. I am wondering does mailto hyperlink opens only outlook or does it open any default mail client.

Hi Eric,

Thank you for your reply. I tried getting the X and Y positions together as well. Problem I am having is the div aligns properly in all other browsers except in IE. In IE the div positions to the left. To get exactly below the textbox i have to do something like below

But with the above code it doesn't aligns properly in other browsers.


I am having issues in positioning the div in IE. Code I have works fine in all other browsers except in IE. I have a auto complete text box and an ajax call onKeyup event. The response is set in a div and the javascript for positioning this div doesn't work fine in IE. Any suggestions are very much appreciated.

I have this div in my page

Hi Mazen,

Can you give an example of how you used the ArrayDescriptor and passed the array elements?


I am uploading a Tab delimited file and I am using below code to get the file

And I am using below code to read the file and parse data

String tokenizer length returns me one

The file I am uploading contains the below data

ABC DEF GHI 123 qwe

I have tab space between these columns.

When i break the string using String Tokenizer using "\t" it returns me the entire line without breaking it. I wrote a plain java class and tested this which works fine so I think is there any issue with FormFile in struts that just ignores tab spaces.

Any suggestions are much appreciated

11 years ago
Yeah Thank you. I got it.
11 years ago

I have a HashMap as defined below

public HashMap<Integer,HashMap><Integer,HashMap><Character,MyObject>>> map1 = new HashMap<Integer,HashMap><Integer,HashMap><Character,MyObject>>>()

I want to iterate through this Map and display the values in the MyObject. Can anyone suggest me how to do that?

11 years ago

Sorry, For some reason I was thinking that the value is not being returned because of struts error. after I made this post, I figured that the problem lies in the check_all function call without any parameters, in html check box struts tag.

Eventname is a property that is set in actionform.

Thanks for your quick response and if you have the moderator rights, please feel free to move this to the javascript forums
11 years ago
Here is my jsp page code that builds the jsp page.

It works perfectly and I can see all the corresponding records for a particular licenseename on the page.

Then I wrote a html check box tag to check all the records that correspond to the particular licensee name as below.

I wrote a javscript function that checks all the checkboxes for the records returned by the above tag and I get an undefined alert. I believe the event variable I am defining in my JS function is not getting any thing.

11 years ago

I am new to SOA. I need to use Netbeans IDE with GlassFish and publish web services to a registry such as JUDDI for dynamic discovery. Googling the web, I found out the following

(1) There is no separate registry for Glassfish such as JUDDI for JBOSS. GlassFish comes pre packed with a registry. Can some one point me in the correct direction of how to use the registry on GlassFish? Any info on how to use the registry on GlassFish would be highly appreciated

(2) Will that native registry on GlassFish work with Netbeans IDE?

(3) If Yes, Do I need to make any configurations/settings on the Netbeans IDE so that I can successfully publish web service to registry?

(4) Is there any documentation on how to consume the web services that have been published in the registry using Netbeans/GlassFish?

Any pointers would be helpful.
11 years ago
Hi Jaikiran,
I did that but still it is not working.

I am using Netbeans IDE with JBoss as application server and MySql as Database. I am working on it more than a week and can not able to solve it.
I Placed the mysql-connector-java-5.0.8-bin.jar file in the lib folder and configured the mysql-ds.xml file and placed it in the server\default\deploy
directory. And mysql-ds.xml is as follows

Name of my project is sample and in sample-war file I wrote a JSP to call the EJB methods. And this is as follows

I wrote a remote Stateless session bean and an entity bean.
And my persistence.xml file looks as follows
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<persistence version="1.0" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
<persistence-unit name="titan" transaction-type="JTA">
<property name="" value="update"/>

When I run the application i got an exception like sample not bound.
When JBoss is started I can see an error in the console. It is
ObjectName: persistence.units:ear=sample2.ear,jar=sample2-ejb.jar,unitName=titan
Reason: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: jdbc not bound
I Depend On:
Depends On Me:

Thanks to all.
Hi Kumar,
Thank you.Enthuware and Whizlabs mock exams are not for free.Both are good. Whizlabs is very good.

Hi sekar,
Thank you. Here are my section wise scores
Declarations,Initialization and Scoping 100%
Flow Control 100%
API Contents 90%
Concurrency 90%
OO Concepts 100%
Collections/Generics 100%
Fundamentals 100%

13 years ago