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Recent posts by Nitin Menon

Thanks for coming up with this book, Cathy, Bert and Trisha. Your publications have always helped me to solidify my understandings. I had loved Cathy-Bert's Head First Design patterns.
1 year ago

Quazi Irfan wrote:

Nitin Menon wrote:Was compiling the wrong code.

Using a good IDE can save you from this pain, i.e. IDE will save the source file before compilation, so you know you are using the latest version of the source.

I am using a good IDE (Eclipse Mars). It is just that I put the out message in the wrong method and did not notice it for some reason.
8 years ago
Sorry guys..! That was a stupid mistake I made. Was compiling the wrong code.
8 years ago
Hi all,

I've got a question to ask.

The output is "Wrapper".
What would be the reason behind it?
Thanks in advance..!
8 years ago
Can anyone please help me to find the reason for the resultant output of the following code?

The output is:

I always thought the second output value would be
since the variable base points to the Child object.

Does anyone have an explanation please.
8 years ago
Wow.!! I am honoured with your reply...
Thanks a lot for the information. Looking forward to get a copy very soon.

Thanks a lot for the information. I am sorry if this question has been asked before. In that case, a link to the post would be very helpful.
Is this edition going to be a combination of the previous topics and the new ones introduced in Java7? What would be the approximate percentage of new contents, if yes.
Just wanted to know more before I get the book.
Thanks a lot in advance..!

A big thanks to Cathy and Bert for the much awaited publication. I've been waiting for this publication before I attempt the second level examination for OCA/OCP certification. I had been through the earlier edition which was very helpful to give the exam. Would love to know the pattern of study for the new release.
Welcome Matt. Looking forward to reading your book.
Looking forward to the book and Java 1.7.
10 years ago
I am looking to some good information on how to test the code I write efficiently. The code I write often speaks to other services, so the testing involves lot of mocking. Sometimes, they tend to go a little programmer biased. I expect good tips which would make my tests more efficient.
11 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:

Matthew Brown wrote:It's certainly valid XML.

Gotta disagree with that phrasing - "valid" in XML Jargon means "it validates against a schema", be that XSD, DTD or Relax-NG. Since there is no schema in play here, it can't be said to be valid. But it is well-formed, i.e. it conforms to the rules of how XML documents are structured.

Thank You Ulf and Matthew..! That's all I needed to know if it was well formed by definition or not.

Matthew Brown wrote:It's certainly valid XML. Just think of XHTML - it's common to have <div> tags within a <div> tag.

OK. That's all I needed to know as the validation against a rule can be specified in the schema.
Thank you all for the help..!

Ulf Dittmer wrote:If you have Java installed, then you have an XML parser installed; check out the JAXP API in the javax.xml package.

No, it is not conventional, if for no other reason than that it is confusing. But it is well-formed XML; validity does not come into play, as there is no schema.

Ooh..! Got your point. Thank you very much..!