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Recent posts by Shashidhar Yarabati

Actually I'm looking for below information.

1. How much take home salary I can expect with my above qualifications.
2. How much would I expect expenses for living there. For a small family, me, my wife and my 1 year kid! We don't like living luxoriously, but I prefer only in secured place. Would I expect 2000-2500 per month on this? (1000 for rent, 1000 household expenses, 500 for others?)

Please can any one help me for my above questions?
11 years ago
Thanks for the reply. Yes, I'm from India. I'm getting here almost 12lac/year here...

I'm just looking for some reasonable figure for my experience (and all those needed to be considered). How much min I would expect, any idea please?

Thanks in advance for your help!
11 years ago
Hi there,

I have little bit over 8 yrs experience in developing software applications (as senior software engineer). Having Bach Degree in hand with 4 Certifications (SCJP, SCWCD, IBM SOA Associate & OCP MySQL Developer) - I would like to know how much should I expect in Singapore?

Please can any one help.

11 years ago
Hi Srilatha

As for as I know, 310-090 is for SCBCD 5.0. And you can expect Annotations in SCBCD 5.0, no surprise here?

And when coming to your preparations, you opted for "head first XXX" book. This book covers EJB 2.x, where annotations not yet introduced. In nutshell, you selected EJB 2.x book to give SCBCD 5.0 (EJB 3.x) exam. Which doesn't make sense at all. Anyways, I understand your time lines.

Prepare well for the next version, select correct book. Click on this link for more information -


I'm really tired of getting this information correct, finally thought of asking ranchers.

Can any one here help me to know how "Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 5 Developer" exam would be? I mean, will be objective type questions seen in the exam or detail level description expected?

Please would you provide me the link when you are responding to this, so I can have a look as well?

Hi there...

I think things are on right track now. I knew it's a wise decision to chose on.
Does any one have idea on last updates on this. I think market seems good now and boosting day by day in India how about this in S'pore?

I am 5+ exp in Java/J2EE with SCJP, SCWCD, IBM SOA Associate. And have plans to move there down the line in 3-4 months?

Any recommendations from any one here would be really appreciated.

13 years ago
Thank you very much, I got it now...

Hello ranchers,

Could any one redirect me to get a copy of Ivan's notes on SCDJWS?
I tried the link provided under, but after downloading it says "The file is damaged and could not be repaired!"

Thanks in advance & Have a good day!

SCJP 1.5, SCWCD5, IBM SOA Associate
First of all there is no, HF series SCBCD5 exam. Coming to selection of books, I see lot of guys like you and me (BIT Novice to EJB) prefers EJB in Action Book.
I feel that's the book to start, and what I am doing that now.
The next step is to go through Specs atleast once (As Jothi suggests in other forums )
Finally my plan is to take commercial mock exams, Enthuware's. That's my planning.

Hope this helps :lol:
Hello Guys...
Latest update on this book is at
One of the Head first lab employ answers here....

15 years ago
Guys..... any one please help me
15 years ago
Hello Guys...

Presently our environments are running under WAS 6.0. We have 3 servers load balanced.
Now we are in process of supporting clustered environment. Thought of ranchers will help me to move in right direction.

Can any one help me by providing some useful information/links to move on this?

Thanks guys in advance,

15 years ago
That's great...
And that's what we need, thanks both of you guys (Reza & Bert)
15 years ago

I recently raised a query in Head first labs. Seems like they didn't find author. You can see the post at :
If they find author in a month, I think they will take AT LEAST 3 months to prepare book. The final calculation gives how much time we need to wait.

I am sorry boys , though it hurts we may not expect it for more couple of months
15 years ago
Thanks a lot anant, for the reply.
That means I can switch directly to IHS 2.0. Can you please tell me what's the best to way to upgrade from IHS 1.3.28 to IHS 2.0.

Do we have any tools which can automatically do this (ofcourse with some inputs from my end)?

Thanks in advance for your reply, guys.
15 years ago