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Apparao nagubandi

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since Jun 18, 2007
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Recent posts by Apparao nagubandi

Santanu Boral,

Thanks , hope the quotes helpfull for OCUP exam preparation.

SCJP - 94%
UM0-100 - InProcess
SCWCD - InProcess
[ January 07, 2008: Message edited by: Apparao nagubandi ]
I am preparing for UM0-100 exam, I finished the one round of studying UML � Bible , UML fundamental and intermediate Guide, super specification.

Superspec has many diagrams, we need to remember all the diagrams for he exam , can you tell me what is the scope.

And which location you attended the UM0-100 exam, from the prometric canters list I called up NIIT and Aptech institutions but they are telling not conducting the OMG exams.

We need to study any servlet or JSP specifications, please reply.
16 years ago
Hi All,

For SCWCD exam, reading the Servlets and JSP specifications is required or not.

frnds those all cleared the SCWCD exam , please reply me.

Thanks in advance.
16 years ago
is their any offers for SCWCD or SCBCD vouchrs.
16 years ago
Hi frnds

planning to take OCP 10g exam , pls help me.

SCJP 1.5
UML 100 - preparing.
OCP - planning.
16 years ago

Originally posted by Padma Asrani:
Hi All,

I got my certificate on Friday. The document with the certificate says that I can use the logo on my business cards and Stationary. Does it mean that I can use it on my resume too?


Hi Padma,

you can use the Sun logo in your CV, this information i got from Sun site.

Apparao, Bangalore.
16 years ago