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Recent posts by rish obe

I am running a sql query which uses some sql functions like date_add() or max()

Query is something like : delete from <tablename> where date=date_add(<date>,interval <expression> unit)

I wish to write the above query in java code
The problem is i am not able to pass the parameters to the sql functions in java code.

"delete from student where date=date_add("+date_variable+","+parameter_@+")"

How can this be done.
Any inputs?

Many thanks!
Don waste your time commenting on how many question marks there shud be or shud'nt ..... okay !!!
13 years ago
I need to know if vendor support is provided to the following and how long ???

EJB 2.0
J2EE - Portlets 5.1
J2EE - Struts 1.2
J2EE 1.3
Java 1.3
struts 1.0

Its urgent please reply ?
[ December 07, 2007: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
13 years ago
Please give some inputs as to how one can call multiple action classes from a action class.
14 years ago
I am taking inputs from a xml file and setting the node names as "labels" and the data as "textfields" .

depending on the humber of nodes in the xml file, labels are created along with textfields and are displayed in a panel with labels on left side and textfields on eight side . , as in , a 2 columns and n rows depending on nodes.

Now , the problem i am facing is that , depending on the number of textfields , they are resized ... if less in number , textfields are larger in size and if more in number the textfields size shrinks

They are tied to the frame and cover up all the empty space. i m using gridlayout.

wat shud i do to avoid this.

i have tried using textfield.setPreferred(new Dimension(3,3))

but does'nt work.
14 years ago

A squad of robotic rovers are to be landed by NASA on a plateau on Mars.
This plateau, which is curiously rectangular, must be navigated by the
rovers so that their on-board cameras can get a complete view of the
surrounding terrain to send back to Earth.

A rover's position and location is represented by a combination of x and y
co-ordinates and a letter representing one of the four cardinal compass
points. The plateau is divided up into a grid to simplify navigation. An
example position might be 0, 0, N, which means the rover is in the bottom
left corner and facing North.

In order to control a rover, NASA sends a simple string of letters. The
possible letters are 'L', 'R' and 'M'. 'L' and 'R' makes the rover spin 90
degrees left or right respectively, without moving from its current spot.
'M' means move forward one grid point, and maintain the same heading.

Assume that the square directly North from (x, y) is (x, y+1).

The first line of input is the upper-right coordinates of the plateau, the
lower-left coordinates are assumed to be 0,0.

The rest of the input is information pertaining to the rovers that have
been deployed. Each rover has two lines of input. The first line gives the
rover's position, and the second line is a series of instructions telling
the rover how to explore the plateau.

The position is made up of two integers and a letter separated by spaces,
corresponding to the x and y co-ordinates and the rover's orientation.

Each rover will be finished sequentially, which means that the second rover
won't start to move until the first one has finished moving.

The output for each rover should be its final co-ordinates and heading.


Test Input:
5 5
1 2 N
3 3 E

Expected Output:
1 3 N
5 1 E


Basic sales tax is applicable at a rate of 10% on all goods, except books,
food, and medical products that are exempt. Import duty is an additional
sales tax applicable on all imported goods at a rate of 5%, with no

When I purchase items I receive a receipt which lists the name of all the
items and their price (including tax), finishing with the total cost of the
items, and the total amounts of sales taxes paid. The rounding rules for
sales tax are that for a tax rate of n%, a shelf price of p contains
(np/100 rounded up to the nearest 0.05) amount of sales tax.

Write an application that prints out the receipt details for these shopping

Input 1:
1 book at 12.49
1 music CD at 14.99
1 chocolate bar at 0.85

Input 2:
1 imported box of chocolates at 10.00
1 imported bottle of perfume at 47.50

Input 3:
1 imported bottle of perfume at 27.99
1 bottle of perfume at 18.99
1 packet of headache pills at 9.75
1 box of imported chocolates at 11.25


Output 1:
1 book : 12.49
1 music CD: 16.49
1 chocolate bar: 0.85
Sales Taxes: 1.50
Total: 29.83

Output 2:
1 imported box of chocolates: 10.50
1 imported bottle of perfume: 54.65
Sales Taxes: 7.65
Total: 65.15

Output 3:
1 imported bottle of perfume: 32.19
1 bottle of perfume: 20.89
1 packet of headache pills: 9.75
1 imported box of chocolates: 11.85
Sales Taxes: 6.70
Total: 74.68
14 years ago