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Recent posts by carina caoor

Thanks for the time. You mean any macro in Excel will do this?
11 years ago
Yes, when I open the saved CSV with notepad, it shows me the arabic text properly. My requirement is to create CSV open in Excel.
11 years ago
I need to open file manually, not using any program to open. my main concern is writing and viewing manually.
11 years ago
I am not reading the CSV file in any program. i am just taking the data from database and storing in csv file as a report. When I open manually it shows junk .
11 years ago
sorry I copied the wrong line from my code, actually i was trying to print in text file , to test whether the problem is in my code, anyways the text file could show the arabic charectars, where as the CSV could not show it, csv rather shows junk.
11 years ago
I am trying to write arabic text into CSV file but i get some junk characters in the file instead of arabic, while i try to export as txt file i can see the arabic charectars properly, if i create an xls using HSSFPOI i see the charectars correctly, only when i create CSV, the arabic text is not displaying properly:


PrintWriter pw = new PrintWriter("C:
String text="متانتاتن";

pw.println("a csv file and now a new line is going to come");


pw.println(text); pw.print(",");


Output what i get in the CSV is:

a csv file and now a new line is going to come

Please suggest..

11 years ago
did anybody try Aspose? does it supports heavy data around 50k or more rows witing to excel 2007 files.... please suggest.
Itried increasing the jvm memory through -Xmx and -Xms.. but it writes only to certain rows like around 8k or 10k.. and stops abrubtly... Does JExcel API writes to XLS files with out any problem though the file size may be around 50k
Does this supports xlsx file. ALso will it handle java heap space error if the file is too large...
Hi, i am using APache POI XSSF to create an xlsx file , and have selected few column from a table and writing it down in the excel. As the rows returned are more than 10000 , the excel created writes only 8000 rows into it and abrubtly stops without saving the file in temporary location. I want to write large dataset from database to excel .. which API do i need to use... please suggest..
I added a new environmental variable named JAVA_OPTS = -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=128m

Still i am getting the same error.

My tomcat is plugged into Eclipse and in eclipse.ini file i tried changing the -vmargs and gave -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m .
But Eclipse failed to start after this changes and i revert back the previous settings.
12 years ago
Hi, i am creating an xlsx file with more that 100000 rows.

and i am gettign the error:

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

i googled and found that the java heap size need to be increased, but I am confused either to increse it in Tomcat or eclipse or command line. As I am using these three in my project. Also i dont want to increase the heap for one specific application , as i have 2 more running .

Also please suggest me the commands to increse the heap size.

12 years ago
THe above link describes the method on Mozilla.. i am tryign to execute the given examples in IE... as my application has to run on IE ... and it gives me errors saying FormData is undefined... i googled and found that FormData element is supported by Mozilla not by IE.