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Congrats Neetika now party time..
Thanks all for the Congratulation..
[ October 08, 2007: Message edited by: Awishek sinha ]
Hi Mallika shah
Remote component Interface-->it contain the businees method declaration for the bean class,it is used by the client that is on diffrent JVM ,it extends EJBObject & and container implements this class.The clent a refernce to this interface called EJBObject stub which is used to call businees method exposed in bean class.

RemoteHome Interface-->It is also used by the client on diffrent JVM it used to create/find/remove bean object.The client gets an EJBHome object stub through JNDI look up and it then calls create() method on it to get EJBObject stub which can be used to call business method exposed in remotecomponent interface.

LocalHome interface-->same as remotehome except it is used by local client(on same jvm)& it extends EJBLocalHome and it returns EJBLocalObject by calling crete on it.

Component view-->i could not find it if you could tell me where you found it may be i can help you out.

Client View--> can be local client view consists of LocalHome & localcomponent interface OR remote client view consist of Remote Home & Remote component interface you can have both or either of one depending upon the client.
[ October 08, 2007: Message edited by: Awishek sinha ]
Hi All
I have almost 2 Years Exp in j2ee/java(20 months)Techlogy
Currently working in IS0 27001 Company
I have recently compleyed my SCBCD(2.0) with 80% score.
If anyone looking for such profile please let me know about it.

Waiting for your Responce..
16 years ago
CreateException for session bean is not mandatory
the spec says
page 96 7.10.3

The throws clause may define arbitrary application exceptions, possibly including the

Hi Gowda
The EJB spec says you must define CreateException in the throws clause of ejbCreate<method> the spec says
page 192 10.6.4

The throws clause must define the javax.ejb.CreateException. The throws clause may define
arbitrary application specific exceptions.

Yes you can give the exam in any prometric center in india if it parchased in india
16 years ago
Hi Gowda
Business method in the remote home interface required to throw java.rmi.remote exception
Hi Gowda

I am confused. How container finds an EJBOject which is related to the primary key?
If a EJBObject is alive, then bean instance acting as entity bean for that primary key must be active and in method ready state.
All i want to know is how the container service will find one?

Any EJBObject for a bean type is capable to represent an entity
its depend from vendor to vendor it might to chose to create a pool of EJBObject foe a bean type OR create a new EJBOject when required.

when the finder method(intended to find an entity) returns, it returns a primary key ,the container picks one EJBObject or creates one and assign this primary key to this EJBObject and returns the stub of this EJBObject to the remote client(at this time EJBObject is not actually pointing to the bean instance ,it just have the primary key of the entity)

Only when the client calls a business method on this currently returned EJBObject stub, the container pulls a bean instance from pool & assign the same primary key (assigned to the EJBObject to the Entity context of bean instance) which linked the EJBObject to the bean instance and this instance now represent the entity in database.
Hope it clears your doubt..
Hi Gowda
Remember ejbActivate() is called after the container avtivates the bean instance so container has already assigned the EJBObject & primarykey to the bean instance before calling this method.
See ejb specification 2.0 page 171
public void ejbActivate();
The container invokes this method on the instance when the container picks the instance from
the pool and assigns it to a specific entity object identity. The ejbActivate() method gives
the entity bean instance the chance to acquire additional resources that it needs while it is in the
ready state.
This method executes with an unspecified transaction context. The entity bean must not
attempt to access its persistent state or relationships using the accessor methods during this
The instance can obtain the identity of the entity object via the getPrimaryKey(), getEJBLocalObject(),
or getEJBObject() method on the entity context. The instance
can rely on the fact that the primary key and entity object identity will remain associated with
the instance until the completion of ejbPassivate() or ejbRemove().
Hi Gowda
EJBObject is destroyed & invocation of finder methods does not require EJBObject it is invoked on EJBHomeObject .
Hi Fellow Ranchers
After rescheduling the exam on monday finally wrote it today..
Scored 80%(was expecting little more )
The least i scored was on EjbOverview 60%
Highest 100%(on entity bean,Client view of SB,CMP entity bean lifecycle,Security)
Scored less on MDB don't know how?(it happens sometime you miss something on which you are very confident)

I followed SCBCD exam kit ->manning publication & HFEJB(who could afford to miss it).
It took 1.5 months to prepare (could have taken little less.. if have put more efforts )
My success mantra->
After completing a topic whenever i attemted the mock exam i tried to relieize what made me to put a wrong choice on question by jotting down is it ->
1.Lack of concept knowledge
2.Simple mistake or something else..

Then i tried to see that what i should not make the same mistake next time i attempt another topic.

While attempting i see to it i follow
Think Twice before i conclude.
Come back to the question one more too see if you could have attempted the question right.
Also i see to it if a particular choice could not be selected how it could be modified to make a right selection.
Even if i attempt the topic i am very much confident & i know the answer right then also i try to see all the option so that i should not make mistake (It happens many times )

Would be very happy if my story could help in any way to the fellow ranchers to acheive more ..

Now SCBCD(80%)