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Recent posts by prabhat gupta

I am getting "Software caused connection abort: connect" error when i execute the FTP task in ANT.
I am using the FTP task in Ant and trying to connect to a Windows FTP server in the Intranet via its IP and login details.
the Ant task is as below:

<ftp action="get"
<fileset dir="/temp/docs/designdocs/">
<include name="**/*.doc"/>

I was able to ftp the same server from my windows command prompt by using
C:\ ftp
and then giving my userid and password. i was also able to download files from the server.

what could be the reason for this strange error.

I also tried to ftp the server using the package by making a connection using URLConnection and doing IO to download.. but the same error is encountered on calling connect method of URLConnection.

I tried using the SCP task in Ant which is used for connecting to servers running Secured Shell. But since the windows ftp server is not behind any firewall(I checked it) this will not work anyways and it surely didn't.

I need to achieve unsecured FTP connection with the Windows FTP Server.

Please let me know the reasons for the problem and possible solutions.
15 years ago