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Recent posts by Dawei Li

Thinking in Java 1st is a classic book.
It has a detail introduce in Network programming
15 years ago
I'm using the eclipse.
It's free and powerful.
you just need install some plug-ins,you will a perfect IDE for JSF
15 years ago
is there any free tool available to display flowchart in java
I don't understant your question clearly.
Maybe you need a program to generate flowchart.
If so,you can see herehttp://www.downloadjunction.com/product/software/72206/index.html
15 years ago
I'm newbie in javascript.I want do a scripte do such funtion:
(1) Loaded via body onLoad call
(2) Searches through an entire web page and locates phone numbers in a variety of common formats including:
- nnn nnn nnnn
- 1 nnn nnn nnnn
- (nnn) nnn nnnn
- (nnn) nnn-nnnn)
- nnn.nnn.nnnn
- and variations thereof
I need your help
Thanks a lot
i had written a chess engine in c++ four years back.
i feel it's better to code chess engine in c/c++ rather than java. because chess engine is computing oriented and c is faster than java.
Yes I think the c++ is very fast.
But Java is more stable,and j2ee is easy to make a large webgame.
15 years ago
String args[] is old definition
String[] args is new definition.
The both have same function.
But the java recommends the new.
15 years ago
"Beginning J2ME (Novice to Professional)(Third Edition)"
I think this book suit for you.
sound HTTPS support, user interface API enhancements, sound/music API, a Game API, 3D graphics, and Bluetooth.
Most of above are useful in soft devolpment.
15 years ago
I think you can use System.getProperty("microedition.profiles")
It will return version of midp
15 years ago
if(phoneNo.length()==0||name.length()==0){ return true; }else{ return false; }
I think except Validating the field empty
It should Validate whether the user input alphabetic characters in phone field.
15 years ago
I need help with a MIDP Bluetooth Server/Client API.
I plan to develop a soft using Bluetooth Server/Client API.
But I'm not familar with it.
I search it for a lot of time
But I can't find a good sample.
Can you give me a sample or help me find it.
Thanks a lot.
[ July 03, 2007: Message edited by: Dawei Li ]
15 years ago
You question is Drawing a scrollable image?
I think this is similar as your question.
maybe help you
[ July 03, 2007: Message edited by: Dawei Li ]
15 years ago
In my opinion,salary is not the only standard to measure success.
The salary of different profession is also different
Do you like,and you will get succes.
15 years ago
Before you leave,
You should think whether there still anything to learn.
I think the language base is more important than new technology.
You can learn much from maintaince.
If you can't learn anything,then you should leave
15 years ago
I use the manageengine.
Its not free (in a sense) or open source.
But it's powerful and work perfect with j2ee
15 years ago