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Recent posts by Tahir Akram


I have a list of objects type Node (items). And Node class has children in it (childItems). I Want to print this structure in ol li html markup.

Preparing in a recursive method. But there is some issue in my logic. Have a look on my code.

The the size of the items will be 2. According to given sample markup. Means 2 top level parents exist. And then they have further children as a list in them.

Following markup is an example. It can be on N level.

13 years ago

Achilleas Achix wrote:

Tahir Akram wrote:Friends here is the news link on Oracle site. (Thanks to Rahul Bose)


On Pearson, from 16th May registration will be started for Java.

I see activity on the pearson site, since today afternoon...

Just a question, does 310-065 is renamed to "1Z0-851 Java Standard Edition 6 Programmer Certified Professional Exam" ??

Oh, so it's yet another news. Just browsed to pearson website: http://www9.pearsonvue.com/Dispatcher?wsid=1305317192256&HasXSes=Y&wscid=155556314&webViewID=10012271&examCode=1Z0-851
Friends here is the news link on Oracle site. (Thanks to Rahul Bose)


On Pearson, from 16th May registration will be started for Java.
I just got an email from Prometric. So from where we have to buy vouchers for Java certification now? I am in Pakistan.

Dear Candidate,

This message is to advise that effective June 1, 2011 Prometric will no longer deliver Oracle/Sun examinations.

In preparation for the termination, we have noticed that you have an Oracle/Sun examination scheduled after June 1st. As such, we are contacting you to see if you would like to reschedule your exam prior to June 1st. If you would like to reschedule your exam prior to June 1st, please visit www.prometric.com to obtain the contact details for your Regional Contact Center. If you have not contacted Prometric on or before May 31, 2011, Prometric will be required to cancel your appointment and you will need to contact another vendor to schedule a new appointment.

While we do our very best to avoid any disruption to the appointments, from time to time cancellation of an appointment is unavoidable. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you and wish to make the scheduling process as easy as possible.

Thank you for your business and good luck on your exam!

Best Regards,


I have following scenerio. And I want to understand the logic behind it.

If things are in byte range they return true. And if they go beyond then they return false.



I want to play a .wav sound file in embed default media player in IE. Sound file is on some HTTP location. I am unable to sound it in that player.

Following is the code.

Here is embed code of HTML.

1. If I write in FileOutputStream then it plays well
2. If I replace my code of getting file from URL to my local hard disk. then it also works fine.

I don't know why I am unable to play file from HTTP. And why it plays well from local hard disk.

Please help.
13 years ago
Thanks Ankit Garg, your tutorial is very helpful.
Hi Ranchers;

I have a question.

Why we got warning when calling a static method through an instance of that class?

I mean, the static methods has nothing to do with the object creation of that class, thats why..

Or they are does not contain polymorphic behavior...

Please elaborate.

Hi Ranchers;

I am getting compilation problem in the following code.

From SCJP by Kathy sierra chapter 10 page 804.

Remember when using a classpath, the last directory in the path must be the
super-directory of the root directory for the package.

I am unable to understand this statement.

I am also unable to use classpath with import statements.

I am using the following classpath to compile the Outer.java

caller class

and called class is

and the problem I am getting...

Thanks for making my concept good about Enums.

- They are static if they are declared in a class. -- its a new thing for me.
- And this thing really make sense. That in Ball class, BallSize enum can be accessed without class name. But when we made another class, we need a class name (Ball) to access it.

Thanks again.
Hi rachers;

I want to understand the concept of calling BallSize enum via line 1 and line 2.

What is the difference between them. As they compiles fine.

I shouldn't do registration myself on Prometric. Better I go direct to the center and give them the voucher and appear in test. Registering myself on the site and scheduling the test and then a misunderstanding lead me loss of this. I contacted Sun for this. And they said we cant do any thing as its on prometric end.
Hi people;

A bad thing happen to me. I scheduled my exam on 21st June. And later I plan to appear for exam on 30th June (tomorrow). My voucher was getting expired on this date. But on prometric site I didnt reschedule it from 21 to 30. And they mark my status NO SHOW. Because according to them, I must reschedule my exam. Otherwise my voucher will be wasted. I did this blunder. I didnt know that on 21st I must give new date to schedule.

Keep your eyes open on it.