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i had around 5 pdfs which I got in my company IBM from other friends who had already given the test....
Gave this exam last friday but dint have time to come to this forum......i would just say it was one of the most useless exam I have ever given....used net.....but as i am already scdjws certified so i found few questions very very easy

so finally I am ending my season of certifications.This was ma 10th within 2 years of work ex...i will again go through all the certification and than return back....
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hi guys....

cleared this exam today with 84%....
wasnt that easy....will be giving IBM SOA 664 next week..

i will be giving this exam on 30th of this month.....
congrats divya...I suppose its a nice score check your PM
14 years ago
HI Oscar....that's great...can you share your experience,the resources you used and any mock tests available....rightnow I am reading IBM's 5 part series of developer works....i found them under 996 test....would that be enough for the test...which book or online stuff did you refer to?...
Anybody planning to give this test or has anybody given it???Or does anybody have any knowledge regarding this certification???

I havnt received any private message from you

Its a difficult question and more or less depends on your area of interest.The biggest difficulty with scdjws exam is the lack of certification oriented material.For scwcd i read manning book which was certification oriented and helped me a lot but for this exam you dont have such a luxury.
Plus during my preparation for WCD I hardly found any topic which were difficult to comprehend but during this exam I had to face many obstacles and had to come to this site only for the rescue.
But as far as the main exam is concerned I found this exam a bit easier.There were too many straight forward questions and even if you had just an overview of all the topics you could have easily answered those questions.
So I think I have confused you a lot .But those were my views and might differ from others.
Thanks alot Theodore...I would also request other scea certified guys to atleast share their number of work ex years, if they wish to...
Well I have heard a lot that SCEA exam couldnt be cleared without having a good experience in this IT industry.The confidence to clear this exam can only come with the experience.Now I am very curious to know what is this average period.What is the average experience of SCEA certified professionals.As I am not prepared for this exam right now so would like to know generally how long does it take to gain the confidence and this will help me to plan out my future also.I dont know whether this is the right place to put this question as it very different from all other discussions like which is best book,i cleared the exam etc etc.

So can all SCEA certified professionals just share their work experience(no. of years) in IT industry?
Thanks alot Theodore.I will be taking ibm 833 and soa 664 next month and will go for scea once i will build up my confidence level...
thanks mate....I have 1 more sun's site they have recommended that you should be having a work experience(in IT industry) of atleast 5 years before taking up this I am having a work ex of only 1.5+ years, wouldnt it be reasonable for me to do other certifications like IBM UML 833,IBM SOA 664 etc before jumping to SCEA?......or can you recommend me some other exams apart from those I have already given....
congrats dude....nice to see myself in your friend's list whats up of luck for your future endeavours

Its not a good practice to use IDE's as they hide many things but as I was having time constraints,I had no other options.


I never attempted those quizzes in that fashion.I always took them in practice mode with no time constraints.I dont have patience to first of all mark all the answers and than see their solutions.I took them 20 at a time.