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Recent posts by Mohd Asim

So you mean that when I am setting the attribute in JSP like this

as soon as the link is clicked (index), I lose that attribute? And that attribute would not be available to the Action invoked by the link?
11 years ago
I am setting a request attribute in a JSP:

in the action class, I am setting the request attribute once again:

the mapping for that action is as follows:

now when i try to access that attribute in my index.jsp

It shows up as null in the JSP. is something worng with the code?

Thanks in advance!
11 years ago
The issue was resolved. When the form was being displayed subsequent times, it was not displaying some first-time-only-text-entry text boxes. so i redisplayed them and hid them using java script.

Thanks for the patience!
12 years ago
excuse the syntax please. missing ";" and others
12 years ago
Hi I am trying to set the value of a Boolean parameter within a method that returns a String as follows:

when i try to obtain the value of this Boolean object using:

I do not get the changed value i.e.

returns false.

what is wrong?

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12 years ago
unfortunately i dont have access to the code. i just had to create a JSP and do some specific job. with similar JSPs it works fine. but they all are one time submission only i mean we dont have a feature in them to save as a draft and modify later then submit them.

The first time the form submits, but later on it doesn't submit and throws java.lang.IllegalArguementException No Bean specified exception. i am kinda lost in this mess. no clarity.
help is most appreciated.
12 years ago

I am having problems while submitting a form. upon submitting the first time, the form gets submitted. There is a provision to view and update the form once again. when i try to submit the form the second time or subsequent times using the submit button, weblogic throws the following exception

and then when i look into my application console logs, i also find this error

the above exception occurs after the first one thrown by weblogic happens. so i am thinking that there is some problem with the weblogic server.

i am using struts 1.2+ with oracle 10g and webogic server 8.1.

Thanks in advance.
12 years ago
Thanks all. I got the solution.

At the time of submitting the form I wrote a script to check the checked status of a checkbox and accordingly set the checkbox values as "true" or "false". That worked.

Thanks again
I am setting the "checked" property of the checked checkboxes through a script at the time of submitting the form. Still i am unable to view them as checked when the form is redisplayed after saving. i just want to view the boxes that were checked, not worried about the unchecked ones.

i have a bunch of checkboxes in a form and i use a JSP to render them.
There is a provision to save the form so that it can be filled out later.
The problem is:

when i check some checkboxes and save the form and later on when i open the form using a link, the same JSP renders it but now the checkboxes are all unmarked.

i tried to set their values as 'off' (when unchecked) when submitting and also wrote an onclick event to update the value accordingly. it doesnt seem to work even after that.

and the solution for creating a hidden field with the same name as the checkbox will not work for me as it is causing me some logic failure while validating the form.

i am using struts 1.2 or more and i dont have access to formbean code and i need to resolve this without touching the source code.

I am trying to add a postfix such as "ON" to the end of a checkbox property

<pre name="code" class="core"><html:checkbox name="<%=somename%>" property="<%=someProperty%>" /></pre>

i am using an onclick event to check the checked state of a checkbox and appropriately update a global js variable with the value and while submitting i want to append this global js variable to the <blockquote>code:
<pre name="code" class="core"><%= someProperty%></pre>
</blockquote> variable. Later on when rendering the form, i would just check the presence of the global variable in the property and make the box as checked.

But the problem is that i don't seem to have any ideas as to how to accomplish this using JavaScript as the checkbox rendering goes on in a loop in the jsp and i need to add this postfix while submitting and i wont have a reference to this property at the end when the form would have been fully rendered.

any ideas?

thanks in advance for reading such a long post. appreciate that.
in other words.. i just need to know whether the download dialog box is closed (in all three cases that would happen)... so that i can re-enable the 'export as excel' button...
I am developing an application in which i have a button (export as excel)upon clicking which a file download dialogue box with options to 'open', 'save','cancel' the download appears. Since the download dialogue box is provided at the OS level, how do i know what option the user has chosen from the dialogue box.... i would want to be able to get the events fired by that box in my JSP using javascript... how do i go about that? Thanks in advance.
I am trying to access a putlist in a tiles layout. but when i start the server (tomcat 5.5): i get the following exception:

my tiles-defs.xml looks like this:

the code that uses that list looks like:

Any Suggestions? Thanks in advance.
12 years ago
i am using struts 1.1 and have downloaded tiles.jar with version 2.0.5... but the struts.jar file already has the tiles.jar and is using that.. how do i make sure that it uses the new tiles.jar?
12 years ago
The same definitions used to work fine with weblogic v8.1 but in weblogic 9.1, it throws an exception
12 years ago