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Recent posts by James Mark

How can I configure a JPA Editor in a
(JBoss+Eclipse+Hypersonic SQL database) configuration?
I want to Excecute the EJB-QL Queries.
Kindly help with this.
Hi Arulk thanks,
you are legend in your own lifetime
13 years ago
Thanks a lot for the Information Arulk.
I am a Java/J2EE Developer with 2 years of Exp. Working in a Financial Software and performing well in the Team.I have good Knowledge on Java,Spring,Hibernate, Servlets, JSPs, Struts.I am now learning EJB3 that can help to Enhance my Hibernate Skills also
I want to become an Indpendent contractor
Now I think IDE's and build Tools have a huge role to achieve those? :roll:
Am In in the right Direction
Please guide me.I reside in India
13 years ago
Hi All,
What are the skills required for a Java Consultant?
Which Technologies should he learn?
Which Level of Proficiency people Expect?
and how to land in those kind of a jobs.
Please guide me
:roll: :roll:
13 years ago
Congrats Christophe Verre!
can you please sort out my problem.
I find a little difficult to read the lengthy sentences used in EJB3 in Action

wat to do?
switch Books?
13 years ago
cant agree with Tim Holloway...
If you go through Danchisholm for SCJP or DavidBridgeWater Questions for SCWCD you get to know how tough the certs are from the realworld.
I found the real world Programming a piece of cake after taking 2
certs.and I am looking for more..
If will give you tremendous amount of confidence to dug in and solve the issues in Coding or you can simply sees the solutions you want.
13 years ago
Hi Ranchers,
I have 1.5 years of experience in Java/J2EE.I scored 96% in SCJP1.4 and 92% in SCWCD1.4.
My DreamCompany is SunMicroSystems.Can anybody in the forum please help me toget me a reference in the Sun for the Interview?Thanks in Advance

13 years ago
How many Indian Companies are using EJB3.0 in the business tier?
I am bit confused to start off with SCBCD5.0....
Is it really worth to start my preps?
I know it can be a outing without the lovely HeadFirst EJB 3.0
I am in a confusion which cert to prepare for?
SCEA5.0 or SCBCD.5.0?
I have 15 months of experience in Struts&Spring
Please advice.....

Using an IDE can speed up your preparations.Use NetBeans after you
compiled a lot of servlet classes in the command prompt.Will be
useful for you if you are in a fulltime job position.
Inspiring Story Jim.....

So glad so see someone speaking right from the heart about the preparations.