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Recent posts by Gurunath Kale

Hi All

I am getting unable to launch application error while launching my application through webstart.
Application was getting downloaded and running properly previously.
But now I am getting following error on JNLP console.

#### Java Web Start Error:
#### Unable to load resource:

The exception is coming while downloading the JARs through webstart, strange thing is everytime the location of exception changing. It means, if my jnlp file has 50 urls for downloading 50 jars, exception location is changing for downloading differant jars.
Is this exception due to some security issue, as at the client side (where there are no network security restriction) the application is getting downloaded and running fine.

Wrapped Exception gives me following details Connection has been shutdown: bad record MAC
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at$HttpInputStream.close(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at com.sun.deploy.cache.Cache.downloadResourceToTempFile(Unknown Source)
at com.sun.deploy.cache.Cache.downloadResourceToCache(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at Source)

Has anyone faced such kind of issue. Can anybody help in resolving this? Do I need to change any Websrtart setting for this? I tried some combination but it didn't worked.

Let me know if any more information needed.
11 years ago
On WebSphere Application Server for UserManagement through java code.
we are using UserRegistry Interface for getting information about User. But this api provide only readonly access,
Can anybody help me how we can Edit/Delete User/Group with these api or any other simillar api.

For WebSphere Portal Server, PUMA controller API provides this functionlaity access is there any API for Application Server also.
12 years ago
1. Convert the age and all integer type text value into 'int'
for example...

2. In query remove ''' Quotes around the int type datatype
Hi All
I got the solution, few changes in
Just remove setUI(..) call in constructor, instead override the setUI(..) method.

public void setUI(TableHeaderUI ui) {
super.setUI(new GroupableTableHeaderUI());

And it will work fine. Problem was, the over ridden paint method was not getting called previously, not it works.
When I did Google for this issue, almost all sites have this code. Credit must go to Nobuo Tamemasa
Thanks Nobuo Tamemasa
12 years ago
Hi all,
The above mentioned code is pretty old one (1998), and seems to be not working as expected.
When I googled for multispan header, I found same code on various sites.

The Multispan header doesn't get rendered as expected but looks as normal header.
Can anybody help me in Multispan header.
12 years ago
I need to replacing multiple consecutive character with single character from String. I succeed it for 'space' but failed for ','. I have use java.util.regex.Pattern for this.
Posting the code I used for the same.

* This method removes extra consecutive character from given String
* @param String
* @param Char
* @return String
private final String removeExtraChar(String strLine, char ch) {
String str = strLine;
Pattern pattern = null;
Matcher matcher = null;
switch (ch) {
case ' ':
pattern = Pattern.compile("\\s+");
case ',':

matcher = pattern.compile("\\p{Punct}]").matcher(",");
if (matcher.matches()) {
str = matcher.replaceAll(",");
return str;
// break;
pattern = Pattern.compile("(?m)$^|[\\r\\n]+\\z");
matcher = pattern.matcher(strLine);
boolean check = matcher.find();
if (check)
str = matcher.replaceAll("" + ch);
return str;

14 years ago
Currently I am accessing remote data base for my project. I am connecting it through VPN (cisco). Although its serving my purpose but I am facing some other performance issues.
So I am planing to transfer the data I required from the remote data base to my local database.
Can anybody help me in 'How to transfer data from remote data base to local data base'.
My remote database server is Microsoft SqlServer2000 and Local is Mysql server5.0
Thanks Ulf Dittmer and William Brogden.
William Brogden, it works,with
xformer.setOutputProperty(OutputKeys.OMIT_XML_DECLARATION, "yes");
I am able to "omit" the declaration.
Thanks Again!!
As I will be sending that xml to MIDP device which going to start parsing from my root node, and I don't want it to parse the unwanted header/tag at client side.
Seems strange requirement, but I don't want this
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
tag at the start of my XML file generated from DOM. It should start from the root node entered? Is there any method to disable this tag entry in XML.

Otherwise I have to read the XML file externally (FileIO) and delete the content.
But I am looking for some easier way..
In my project I need to generate different XML pages dynamically for different request coming from my Mobile Client. As per request parameter I need to embed Data into these XML pages and send it back to client.
My question is: Which server side technology to use for this?
Currently i am using Servlet as controller and Dom for XML generation.
Is this much enough or any other better way for this?
Thanks for the reply
I got my answer.
15 years ago
a> In Java a class can extend only one class.
b> By default any class extends Object class.
Dose not this violets the above statement about the Java inheritance.
When you have "class One extends Two"
You are actually extending Object and Two.

Can anybody tell me what is this called? and how it happens?
15 years ago