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I think I remember counting 29 questions with exhibits. about half of these had one exhbit while the others had two or three.
There are a lot of common exhibitsand so I would recommend you try and group the questions by exhibit.
My advice is to ignore any question with an exhibit and complete all the 'theory' questions first.
Then tackle the state, sequence, activity and use case diagrams followed by the CRC and then clas diagrams.
Leave the class diagram questions until the very end. You have to put a lot more effort into these but you will not get any more marks than the simplest of questions.
They are also very hard and so I would miss these questions if I had to miss any.
I sat and passed 486 with 81% yesterday and am happy to report that the scoring was correct.
Nice work RAM, the error was as I expected it seems. Hopefully from these dates, this means that I should be okay for Friday! I'll report my findings.
I sent emails to IBM, jCert, Sun and Sylvan Prometric and did not get a single reply.
All clearly gave evidence that the score report was wrong, it goes to show how much they are bothered by this.
I'm reading the book and it is worth while. The reports on the package you are referring to are unfavourable.
A new edition of this book is also imminent.
Read Craig Larman - Applying UML and patterns.
All this is a breakdown of a report I received after passing IBM 483. I know this is an OO group but this also has a bearing on 486 as the same problem has been reported by someone else on this group.
%exam %right q/per/o q/right
J2EE architectu16%0%9.280.00
Web Component17%77%9.867.59
EJB 28%90%16.2414.62
Client 10%56%5.803.25
I sat and passed IBM 483 recently and although I found the test hard I was still suprised to achieve such a low score of 75%.
When you have finished the exam you get a breakdown as above. The first column represents the % of question in the exam against each objective. The second column shows the % of questions you got correct against each objective.
What stood out was the 0% attained against the J2EE architecture
objective. Of all the objectives this is probably the easiest as the question are generally high level and common sense based.
Being curious I calculated the rough number of questions per
objective based on the report and then the rough number I must have got correct.
As you can see from the third column, the total of the questions adds up nicely to 58, the number of questions in the exam.
The fourth column is the rough number of questions I got right and as you can see this adds up to about 39.
39 questions correct from 58 gives about 67% correct, which is way short of the reported 75% score.
If you take away the 9 J2EE architecture questions I would have
achieved a score of 89% across the other objectives so I doubt very much that I have managed to score 0% on one objective while scoring such a high average on all other objectives, especially when they are typically more detailed and harder questions.
I suspect the 75% score may actually be correct, but in fact all that has happened is that the report is not showing the correct number of questions passed for the J2EE architecture.
If I adjust the J2EE architecture objective to about 50% I get my attained 75% score.
So don't be suprised if you get 0%. Perhaps they the old chestnut where adding 1 to 99 gives 0!
I have sent this to IBM.
I will also repost to them today. They are more likely to take not. see my new posting above
I am relieved to see this. I sat the IBM 483 cert the other day ans amazed to see that I got 0% on J2EE architecture and scored a lowly 75%. The percentage of J2EE architecture questions meant there were about 9 questions. Excluded these from the exam and I would have scored 89% on all other subjects. Now I just cannot believe that a person that gets 89% for the rest of the exam (on more detailed questions) can get 0/9 on basic J2EE architecture.
I too did the same calculations as above and came up with questions short and so suspected that the reporting module must be wrong.
I had waited to see if this was something wrong with the J2EE cert but now it appears that there is something wrong with all of IBMs tests.
I am sitting 486 on Friday which gives me time to chase IBM about this.