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Recent posts by Shrikanth Nekkanti

Hi all,

I have created a HTML page.
The page consists of contacts dropdown.The options of this dropdown contains first name,last name,email address as one option.My question is

I have to align all firstnames in options to left,Last names to middle,Email addresses to right.
I mean all Email addresses of different options should be aligned to right whatever be the first name and last name length.

If the first name/lastname consists less characters the email address is shifting towards left and displayed below last name of option above it.

Please resolve this issue for me,
Thanks in advance.
[ April 14, 2008: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
Hi all,

I have created an HTML page.Which consists of two text fields.

I have used on keypress event to restrict user to enter only alphanumeric characters including space character in one text field and only numbers with only one dot(.) in other text field.

This is working fine when user enters values to those text fields using keyboard.

My problem is when user pastes data in those text fields special characters are also accepted which is not desirable.

I have used onPaste event and i am calling javascript function.Using regular expressions i am checking whether the pasted data is valid or not.

How to write that javascript function for onPaste event to validate two text fields,one to accept only alphanumeric characters including space and other to accept only numbers with only one dot(.) character.

Please help me out.
Hi all I have created a HTML page which consists of many text fields.
I am using onkeypress event to restrict user not to enter special characters in text fields.

This event is working fine but the problem is when user copies special characters from some other place to text field , it is accepting special characters how can I solve this problem.

How to handle this situation.
Hi all,

I have created a page in HTML which has dropdown box.In header of this page I have a tab click on tab opens submenu with two links.

Click on submenu link opens a popup window.

My problem is when I run this page in IE6 when i move popup the dropdown menu is overlapping the popup window.

For this what I did is I have created a iframe of size equal to popup window and i gave opacity as 0.Now popup is coming over the dropdown menu.but thing is when I move popup frame is not moving along with the pop up window.

can anybody help me to resolve this.

Application is working fine in IE7.

Thanks in advance.
Hi all,

I have a text which accepts only numbers.
Now i want to populate a dot(.) automatically after entering three characters in that text field.

How can i resolve this using javascript.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<news comp="IBM" skill="JAVA-PCM">
<news comp="Dell" skill="ERP-SAP">
<news comp="Infy" skill="BI-ETL-SEIBEL">


My question is :

How to parse it using java and print the elements of the file based on attributes of each tag for 10 secoonds using a timer class ...

I mean first It should display First tag details(IBM here) then after 10sec delay the next tag attribute data should be displayed
Hi all

I am passing some values from page1 to page2 using javascript function as shown

window.location.href = "DeviceDatanew.html?row=" + i1+ "&total=" + 10;

These values I want to display in page 2 table which already has some values with 2 cells empty.

how to display the passed values through javascript in those empty cells.

can anybody resolve this problem.

I have created a page(demo.html) which consists of XL kind of a table( 12 rows and 20 coloumns). Each row of the table cosists a radio button and other values.

When user clicks on radio button of a row I am calling a javascript function where in I am checking which button is pressed depending on button press I am displaying another page(demo1.html).

The second page also has table with some field names same as table headings of demo.html.

My question is when user clicks on particular radio button a new page should be opened with field values mapped from demo.html table values of a row.How to map values of First page table in second page table.

Can anybody help me how to resolve this.
[ December 12, 2007: Message edited by: Shrikanth Nekkanti ]
Hi all

I have a button called Template. when user clicks on it it should open a word document stored at some location.
I have used following javascript function but it is not working.
can anybody tell me where i went wrong.

Function is

function open()
var objWord = new ActiveXObject("Word.Application");
var Doc=new ActiveXObject("Word.Document");
Doc.Visible = true;
Doc=WApp.Documents.Add("c:\\NADC Stuff\\screens.doc", true);

When I click on button A blank page is being displayed.
I want to open a word document when user clicks on a button.
can anybody tell me how to write javascript function for this.
I have Template button when user clicks this button it should pick up a doc file from various doc files stored in some particular folder.

Can anybody tell me How to write javascriptt function for this.
I have a browse button when user selects none and clicks upload i want to display an alert prompting user to select file for upload.

how to write javascript function for this.

I have created browse button like
<input type="file" name="data" >
I have Created a page(demo.html) which consists of two radio buttons(r1,r2).When user selects first radio button(r1) a table corresponding to it(t1) is being displayed. When user selects another radio button(r2) a table corresponding to it(t2) is being displayed.

My problem is when user selects second radio button(r2) table(t2) is being displayed but when he refreshes the page first table(t1)is getting displayed with second radio button(r2) selected.

How to Resolve this Problem.
I am developing HTML Screen which consists of two radio buttons(demo, demo1) when user selects demo1 a table with field values corresponding to demo radio button should be displayed and when he selects demo1 another radio table with different field values to be displayed.

I have created two tables.
My doubt is can i place two tables in same html?and how to display different table when user selects another radio button.

Please help me out to resolve this issue.