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I have 7.4 years of experience and would say i am more technical posses less of managerial skills, i came to Pune from Gurgaon on deputation and found Pune has more opportunities than ***. I have resigned from my current organisation. Currently i have three offers in form of ***,*** and *** with almost same salary. Would appreciate help as i am new to Pune so not much aware of Pune's company. I have gone through sites of each of the company. My short term and long term goal is i want to grow as Technical Architect and if the company i gona join has some short term onsite opportunity thats fine with me. As i couldn't get onsite even i worked for *** and *** in past. *** is not good heard from many people.
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12 years ago
Hi Andrew and Other guys

I am not taking SCEA 5. I have taken SCEA part-1 in June. Correct my assumtion if i am wrong as asked earlier: SCEA don't take version into consideration right? Only thing while architecting i have to mention which version i am using?

I have one general question, would appreciate your answer for same, i am already working as an IT Architect in IBM have great intrest in Enterprise Architecture & SOA thats why decide to go for SCEA.
Q: How guys generally deliver their UML Blueprints of design to SUN, in form of individual gif files or generated html o/p for entire model file which is not supported in many modeling tool i guess. If i have to ask Sun the same can you suggest me what email address i should write? You guys might be doing the same for SCEA5 assignment.

Forgive me if am asking something stupid and intervening your discussion, but my original thread was been closed and unable to post reply as i don't have admin/moderator rights. Andrew i tried to send you message as well but your message box is flooded with messages already.
Hey Guys

Sorry to include my question in this thread, but its related to almost same would appreciate your answer as nobody responded in separate thread :

[Question removed. See original post for the reason why.]
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I have used RSA as i did component modeling in my last project, but till now i couldn't found feature to generate html o/p (For entire mdl file we had in Raitional Rose which is emx file in RSA in a single html file as starting point). What do you suggest saving each diagram as individual images in forms of html is good choice but in that case whosoever reviewing assignments has to increase the size of gif pages i guess.

Crux of question is--> Should we provide a zip file with a generated html output from UML model file or if tools not support this as i should save each diagram as a gif file, as in anycase we can't navigate through digrams in html form as in RSA we have UML building blocks like [opt],[ref].

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.
Hi This is Shaumitra

I have cleared SCEA Part1 back in June-2007. I have downloaded the SCEA-Part2 assignment 15 days back. I would appreciate answers of following questions, on few as i just want confirmation from guys who already cleared this:

1)There is no time limit for SCEA Part-2 Assignment from date of download right (Y/N)

2)What is SCEA 5, i saw many posts in Java Ranch. My assignment doesn't talk about version. The score seat heading of my test report for Part-1 is:
Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java2 Platform Enterprise Edition Technology.Is SCEA related to different JAVA/EJB version as well?

2)Does SCEA assignment take account Java versions like i Java 1.4, Java 5 now Java 6, i guess no since SCEA is exam about architecting a proposed business solution not about using different Java APIs(Y/N)

3)But coming back to 2nd question if you use EJB3.0 than there is difference between EJB 2 and 3 hence there could be some difference, what is your suggestion, shall i write in document which version of EJB i am using to justify my design?

4)Don't take this question otherwise as i have worked in applications which handles transactions without EJB as well so my question:Use of EJB mandatory?

5)I have used RSA as i did component modeling in my last project, but till now i couldn't found feature to generate html o/p (For entire mdl file we had in Raitional Rose which is emx file in RSA in a single html file) as . What do you suggest saving each diagram as individual images in forms of html is good choice but in that case whosoever reviewing assignments has to increase the size of gif page i guess.

6)I am planning to give a document supporting Architecture proposed with Operational Model as well apart from Class Diagram,Sequence Diagram and Component Diagram, is that approach is correct?

7)In class diagram should i define all the methods with proper signature and all or few methods will do?

8)Lets say i have 10 classes, should we have 10 components or more/fewer, i believe this is again Architectural decision.

9)One common question,any suggestion will be appreciated:
Why Sun is asking to give both Class Digram as well as Component Diagram since when you gona draw Sequence Diagram you will show flow of sequence either between classes or component? My assumption Class Diagram only take consideration of Business Domain Objects while Component Diagram may take any physical component (e.g: some 3rd party product).

This is just to start with as i want to think meteculously firstly to properly address the problem than will start with Architecture (like what all components in terms of EJB,App Server) follwed by Operation Model than finaly Class Diagram-->Component Diagram-->Sequence Diagram. Is that right approach?

To let you know you guys i may be the only person who never wrote SCJP,and directly taking SCEA, as i believe Sun's version keep on changing and Architectural thinking is somehow different from Developer thinking (though i have been doing developmet in bit and pieces), but most importantly i worked on many technologies/prodcts and have great intrest in Enterprise Architecture,Design Patterns and SOA.

Help will be highly appreciated.
Hi all i have cleared SCEA Part-1. As per information i know that there is no dead line for part-2 assignment. Lets say once i downloaded the assignment i can finish and finally submit this as per my conveneince though as per SUN this assignment shouldn't take more than 100 hrs. But one of the Prometric center says we have to download it back to prometric database within 6 mothns i.e: once downloaded my submission date can't exend 6 months period.As i am not sure whether with my tough schedule i can take that chance of finishing and downloading my assignment back to prometric Database with 6 months , i mean otherwise i can defer Part-2. Crux is i wana purchase Part-2 but wana make sure on submission deadline before purchasing the same.Early reply will be appreciated. Guys who has already cleared Part-2 can help me.
Thanks a lot Theodor for your answers. It clears most of my doubts. I have only one doubt though as you said if one fails part-2 than he will get another chance(or he can attempt the same as many times possible) of submiting the assignment, the problem of assignment remain same or it will be changed as well when you get new assignment.

One more thing--> The assignment includes B Schema,Design(Component Modeling including class and sequence diagram, prototype or anything else??)Do we have to provide actual impementation as well like Java Source code in compiled state, i mean executable solution to problem given in assignment or we got to design the problem only.
Thanks again your valuable inputs.
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[ July 16, 2007: Message edited by: Andrew Monkhouse ]
Hi All
I have cleared SCEA Part-1 exam.Had i known this group earlier i would have scored more. I have only refered books and one Yahoo Group but questions were tough. Anyway I would appreciate any help help regarding Part-2 and Part-3.I have many doubts at 1st place as i have enquired Sun as well regarding these:
I would appreciate reply to these Q's:

1) I can take Part-3 once i complete Part-2 ?
2) What is the time limit for submitting Part-2 (CX-310-300A) assignment?
3)How can i download or can purchase Part-2 Exam. How do i submit the same.
4) How much is the Indian Price for Part-2 (CX-310-300A) followed by Part-3 (CX-310-061). Do we have discount voucher for same as in case of Part-1
5) Is there any chance of failing/reappearing Part-2 what is the significance of CX-310-300R (Assignment Resubmission)?
6) Do you really think training given by Sun or authorized center will be fruitful. I have already done few project on similar role. Is that sufficient to clear Part-2 exam.
7)What i understood Part-2 is assignment based-The assignment requires that you architect a solution for a small but plausible business system. as this is different from other exams where you have multiple choice exams, this is entirely a project based so if at all i wana purchase some preparation kit (e.g:Whizlab,ePlanet).Do i really need to purchase those exam preparation kits.

Too many Q's just got confused how to start, i wana finish at earliest as i am fresh from Part-1 so it would help me.

Please bear with my Q's

I am already working as Architect in IBM, India.