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Recent posts by Xabier Martija

hi , I have developed a wordchallenge cheat in java. It worked fine for me and got 55.000 and first of my rank. The bad think is that it removed my rank without cheating, and it was not too bad( 13.000 Spanish).

The code anyway is quite interesting:
-I used some collections features. Good for practicing.
-Robot class to output the generated anagrams to the keyboard port. It´s funny when starts typing all the words into other programms(f.e. eclipse) if you don´t switch the window fast enough , but you have 3 seconds to switch.
-string permutation

Note: my dictionary(list of words) was not very good , look for a good one with plurals ,conjugations(go, goes, went,gone) . The bigger the better.

hope you like it:

11 years ago

Originally posted by Paulo Crestani:
Would someone have a more specific description or hint about how to prepare for this test?

They are going to ask you some (arround 4) questions about your solution. Did you use RMI or sockets and explain why?, for example. Most of the questions you should already have answered in your choices.txt .

The best hint is to do this writen exam as early as posible after you upload your assignment.

The second hint is to review your choices documentation.

The third hint is that you should not worry to much. It will be very easy.

After waiting since October 19, finally I get the results.
I will comment some issues:

The maximum possible score is 400;
the minimum to pass is 320.

General Considerations (maximum = 100): 90
Since I don't really know what this means, it is very ambiguous, i will not comment it.
It's ok.
I want to say that my code was very short. Only 20 classes. My code folder is about 125 KB. I tried to simplify as much as posible.
I followed sun formating standard with the help of eclipse formater and checkstyle plugin for eclipse.

Documentation (maximum = 70): 69
Great! I am spanish(Vasque), and it was difficult for me to document it.
My documents are very short:
choices.txt 10 KB
userguide.txt 5 KB
My javadoc was quite good.

O-O Design (maximum = 30): 30
I tried to simplify as much as posible. I used singleton pattern twice, facade,

GUI (maximum = 40): 31
My clients don't observe changes in the database. I tried to do it simple.
I am not a good GUI designer. I keep it simple, similar to the example in the book.

Locking (maximum = 80): 44
I don't really know what happened here.

I use a lockmanager and a fileaccessmanager,similar to the book.

The lockmanager has the lock and unlock methods synchronized and the lock method waits while the contractor is locked. When unlocking I notifyall that a lock has been released.

The fileaccessmanager has all its methods synchronized. I also used a cache since it was very easy to implement.

I have tested my code with multiple threads and I had good results.

I will analyse it later. When I know the reasons I will post them(I have a hangover).

Data store (maximum = 40): 40
I don't really know what that means.My fileaccessmanager? threadsafe access to the datafile?

Network server (maximum = 40): 40
I used only a remote interface(serviceprovider) and a serviceproviderimp. Very simple.

I will take a look later this week and post a better analysis. I have a big hangover.
12 years ago
Finally I got the results:

The maximum possible score is 400;
the minimum to pass is 320.

General Considerations (maximum = 100): 90
Documentation (maximum = 70): 69
O-O Design (maximum = 30): 30
GUI (maximum = 40): 31
Locking (maximum = 80): 44
Data store (maximum = 40): 40
Network server (maximum = 40): 40

I will analyse the results in an other post.
Read the instructions. There is something about using a release not older than 12 months.
I am still waiting. But I send a mail and recieved an answer. They told me that I should get my results before 4 of january.
Thanks Romeo,

I will also send an email to who2contact@sun.com next monday.
I took the written exam on October 19. So I will give them 50 days.
[ December 07, 2007: Message edited by: Xabier Martija ]
I have taken a look to the I7 database and I have no entry in the history as pending. I have already taken the essay. I'm starting to think that something is going wrong with my certification.

I will mail to confirm everything is ok. Where should I mail?


Originally posted by Romeo Son:

After taking the essay exam, the next day an entry for the scjd exam appeared in I7 database history as pending. However in the Assignment Watcher database (www.certmanager.net/sun_assignment) there is no entry at all for the scjd exam. Is this ok, or should be an entry there as well (with the pending status like in the other one)?


Hi ,
I am still waiting since 18th october for the results.
I use this link, but there I can't see the status of the process:

Originally posted by Naveen Narayanan:

Here comes a doubt for me , create throws a DuplicateKeyException when finds an identical key ,

If the key is recNo , then its to be auto-generated (probably previous max + 1) , so there is no chance of a duplicate key comes here .

I agree. DuplicateKeyException will never be thrown. Don't forget to document it in your choices and method docs.
Try to use SUN formatting standard. You may loose some points if you don't follow sun style.

Some IDEs like eclipse provide a very useful automatic formatter, that you can set to follow SUN standard.
Another useful utility is checkstyle, can be downloaded as an pluggin for eclipse.
I don't understand your problem, but it would be easyer if you used an arraylist instead of a hashtable.
I think you MUST implement the inteface completly.

f.e. in the B&S assigment you must implement the delete method even if you don't use it, since all the methods of the Data class(class implementing DB inteface) could be(i am allmost sure that they will be) automatically tested.

In real live, a reason for implenting unused methods, is that it should be used by another system or this functionallity could be added in the future.
Another reason is that implemeting an inteface you should allways fullfit the contract.

Take care about this. I would test these methods as much as aplication used methods.

Take a look at this post.I found it very usefull:

I am spanish speaker and i did both assignment and essay exam in english.
I am sure, at least for spanish speaking countries, all exams are in english, except the SCJP, that you may choose the language.

I think they should know that you are not a native english-speaker and not loose point for language mistakes. A word procesor would be very helpfull at the written exam, f.e.
That happends because initialy, the database contains textvalues with blank spaces (0x20) trailing.
When you read the data, you normaly trim it.
When you write the data, you use:

That creates a byte[n] with n byte set to 0x00. 0X00 are not blank spaces.

_You can read this thread for more information.https://coderanch.com/t/189356/java-developer-SCJD/certification/null-terminated-text-values-DB