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Recent posts by Suhas Mandrawadkar

Do this

File -> New -> Project -> expand Android.

The Android application project wizard was changed in last version of ADT.
11 years ago
Try raising a ticket with

Spamming for a cause, please forgive.
Would really love to see java ranch on Tapatalk :-)
12 years ago
I think I have arrived here at the right time ..
Either Thread A will modify "id" first or Thread B will. Both cannot modify it at the same time. Answers B and C are results of threads running in parallel. Else the answer would have been PQRS.
Check out with your nearest NIIT center.
Hi Kevin,

Could you, please, post more details ? If possible, the questions and options for answer as well

Ivan Krizsan wrote:Hi!
I don't have anything to sell, but yet I will supply my thoughts on your question:
First of all, even if I wouldn't have had a lot of opportunity to use EJBs in day-to-day development, I still feel I gained valuable insights when preparing for SCBCD.
This may, of course, vary depending on your background.
The other thing I would suggest is to refrain from asking what employers want, but instead ask yourself what do you want to do.
If you are more interested in front-end development, then there may be better choices than SCBCD.

Finally: The more tools you have in your toolbox, the better chance you have to select the proper tool for the task at hand.
Best wishes!

I second his thoughts, It is not only about what employers want. It is what do you want to master !
Hi ,

Thank you. I reported it to him but there was nothing that the testing personnel could have done. I have raised a ticket with Oracle Support and did let them know about this bug

Hi Micheal,

If you are really interested why not pick up HF JSP & Servlets
Very nicely explained what happens and how it happens in the book and its fun to read too.

myfile.jsp -> -> myfile_jsp.class

Hint: A JSP is nothing but a servlet ;-)
12 years ago
Howdy Ranchers,

I appeared for the test today and passed it with 90%
I have no real EJB project experience as such so I started to read Mastering EJB 3rd Edition to get some basic info. But since it was meant for EJB 3.0, I picked up Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1. Meanwhile got some nice tips from Pedro Thank you.
On his suggestion, I went for Enthuware Mock Tests and that was the thing that helped me till last moment. Did not really had to refer anything else in particular. Great product Thank you.

I might still go through all the specifications and Ivan's notes, later when I get time

And thanks to everyone on this forum

P.S: There was a bug in real test. A particular question expected three answers even though the Statement of the question expected only two. There could have been only two right answers possibly for that question. Due to this, at the review screen, it was showing as incompletely answered question
What you are printing is not iteration expression. You are printing y. Now ++y in a SOP statement will increment it before printing.
Your iteration expression is ++x, and it is still evaluating the body ten number of times

for(initialization and declaration of loop variable; condition expression; iteration expression)
//Printing variable x