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Recent posts by rushi kumar

Hi All,
How to call a javascript function when we click on browser's back button.

Hi All,
I have one new requirement in my project.
I have two drop down boxes one is PROFESSION and another is SPECIALITY.We loaded the values to SPECIALITY field depending on the
selection made to PROFESSION drop down.We use AJAX to dynamically load the values to SPECIALITY field.
When we display the form the the SPECIALITY field should be disabled,this will be enabled when we select any value in PROFESSION drop down.

Now my problem is ,i filled up the form and submitted,the request goes to some page .when i come back by using browsers back button
the PROFESSION filed is enabled with the value i selected but SPECIALITY is disabled.I want SPECIALITY field should be enabled with the value i selected.I am facing this problem in Internet Explorer not in Firefox.
Can any body help me to do so

I used the following ajax code

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[ November 28, 2007: Message edited by: rushi kumar ]
Hi everybody,

Can any one tell me how to make an object immutable just like String object.
I want to make my object immutable and if any one tries to modify the object,i want to create a new object and return that object,just similar to string.

Thanks in advance
16 years ago
I have a small problem,I have the html file when i open it in IE its displaying in one format,when i open it in FIrefox its displaying in another format,can anybody solve this conflict why this happened.
Spring provides integration to hibernate,so it provides LocalSessionFactoryBean class.According to your example ,U can configure in applicationContext.xml like this

<bean id="mySessionFactory"
<property name="configLocation">
[ August 28, 2007: Message edited by: rushi kumar ]
Can any body tell how to configure the Spring Framework plug in and Hibernate Plug in on WSAD5.1.1(Web Sphere Studio).
Hi guys i am new to coocoon framework,can anybody expalain me about coocoon.
Thanks in advance.
Hi Guys I want some clarificaton regarding session tracking.What are the session tracking methods in servlets,some people are saying only two(cookies,url rewriting)but some people are saying four(hidden fields,HttpSession object,cookies,url rewriting).
Please clarify this conflict.
16 years ago
If you implement SingleThreadModel interface the server will create multiple instances of servlet(one instance per each request),so its is not advisable to implement this interface.
16 years ago