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even in a little piece of code like this I manage to introduce bugs

You're right, I'll correct this right away!

In my assignment, there are a couple of statements that worries me (or at least confuses me). In the specs, they say that in the future B&S would like to use Web interfaces.

See quotes below:

In the future, Bodgitt and Scarper wants to move into Internet-based marketing, and hopes to be able to provide their services directly to customers over the web.

Initially, the system will support only the CSRs, although the hope is that this interim step will give them a starting point for migrating the system to the web. The IT director does not anticipate much reuse of the first Java technology system, but intends to use that system as a learning exercise before going on to a web based system.

I understand that in the case of the SCJD, I don't have to develop a web application. But, as "Internet" is mentionned twice in the assignment, I suppose that I should at least take this into consideration when I will develop the data layer and the business logic layer. And that I also need to explain my choices in the choices.txt file.

For those having this assignment, how did you justify your choices with respect to the future usage of the code (being migrated to a web application)?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
Hi ranchers,

To make sure I will avoid spelling errors when I will submit my assignment, I wrote a little class to test some of the "must" I had in my assignment.

This small Java class only checks the filenames and the names of the folder for spelling mistakes.

There is much room available for improvement. But that is one of the reason, I send it here. If every javarancher can make one little improvement, we could have a fantastic tool to avoid stupid mistakes that cause automatic failure.

Anyway, here is the code, please make any improvement that you may find suitable.

I think the next step will be to check for a jar file in addition to a folder.

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aaaaaaaaah ok, now it makes sense !
Thanks a lot for the clear explanation.
Dear Ameen Khan, thank you for your answer but I don't understand it.

Dear Akhilesh Trivedi, I am as most interested in the right answer as in its explanation. Could you please elaborate why you think those are the right answers.


I found this question in a mock exam and I can't find the answer:

10. interface A { public int getValue() }
11. class B implements A {
12. public int getValue() { return 1; }
13. }
14. class C extends B {
15. // insert code here
16. }
Which three code fragments, inserted individually at line 15, make use
of polymorphism? (Choose three.)

A. public void add(C c) { c.getValue(); }
B. public void add(B b) { b.getValue(); }
C. public void add(A a) { a.getValue(); }
D. public void add(A a, B b) { a.getValue(); }
E. public void add(C c1, C c2) { c1.getValue(); }

According to me, all answers make use of polymorphism. But, we have to choose three. So which three and WHY???

Thanks in advance.