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Ideal Candidate should have 3-4 years of experience deploying mission critical Websphere Applications in large enterprises. Candidate will be thoroughly drilled on Websphere concepts - expect a detailed interview process.

Knowledge of Websphere Security, LTPA, Clustering, Performance Tuning & Server Provisioning is required.

Understanding of IBM sanctioned "gold/silver/bronze topologies" for Websphere Deployments & the criteria for deploying them is a requirement.

Candidate must have experience with setup and configuration of the following technologies:

- Websphere Application Server 6.0/6.1

- Websphere Portal Server 6.0/6.1

- Websphere IHS

- Setting up Connection Pools / Data Sources for Oracle/MSSQL/DB2

- Deployment of Fixpacks & Upgrades

Additionally, candidate must have real world deployment experience with one or more of the following technologies:

- Websphere Process Server 6.0.2

- Websphere MQ 6.0 / Extended Security Edition

- Websphere MQ Explorer / Client

- IBM Tivoli Directory Server 6.0 / LDAP Administration

- IBM Tivoli Identity Manager / Tivoli Access Manager

- IBM DB2 Express Edition 8.x



14 years ago
There is no need to ask before you apply. Send your resumes to the email mentioned in the previous post.


14 years ago
Sandip - send me a resume and let's see if you have the right stuff .


14 years ago
Need experienced developers with a strong background in Web Services & Business Process Management.

You will be working on the Websphere Integration Developer - Websphere Process Server platform (6.0.2).

Experience with the platform isn't as important as being well versed in Human Task workflow, Service Orchestration & Web Service design.

Looking for two grades of candidates here:

The Expert:

You must have had previous real-world implementation knowledge or at a minimum, a strong background in Product Development. The key to successful employment with us is to demonstrate that you are a rational thinker, with attention to detail and a strong sense of ownership about the code you publish out.

The Talented Novice:

You must be a strong Java developer, conversant with large-scale web architectures, and middle-tier Java frameworks. The candidate does not need to have a background in Workflow or Service Orchestration. BUT he/she MUST have a proven track records of Service Composition in a SOAP-based or REST-ian manner. Proven adaptability & innovation is key to your successful appointment.

Basic Skill Summary:

- Java
- Spring
- Hibernate

Have you got the "right stuff"?

Send your resumes to:
14 years ago
We are a fast-rising software design & delivery unit in Hyderabad with a strong background in Open Source technologies and implementing them for the enterprise.

We have an established presence in the US market, specifically in the North-Eastern region and are on a mission to provide a quality experience for our employees and clients.

Our ideal developer likes to get deep inside the fundamentals of a language he/she loves and leverages it to the maximum inside a given solution. We like critical thinkers, innovators & people with a passion for creativity.

We are looking for two types of personalities:

1. The top 10% in high-school and university rankings with a strict discipline for learning, absorbing and executing assignments. You are hard-working, intelligent, have an attention to detail and a will to win that far exceeds your colleagues. You like challenges. And you like the freedom to approach challenges in the manner you prefer.

2. The people who didn't do quite so well at school & university because they were "bored" and didn't feel like engaging their brains on trivial things like 3-dimensional volumetric analysis using integrals. You wanted to utilize your precious mind on something more "real-world", something tangible that has a purpose in the daily lives of people.

Here are the company websites: (NY) (HYD)

You will notice that we focus on Business Process Management and Enterprise Content Management. And you will notice that we work with some very cool technologies that represent the cutting edge in development practices.

So, if you think you are good enough, tell us a little about yourself, what your aspirations are, what you like working on and where you want to be in the next 5 years with your career.

Come in to our office, understand our mission and see if you would like to work in a fun and flexible environment where capability & discipline are rewarded. We also pay extremely well for the chosen ones.

We are looking for candidates with experience in one or more of the following technologies:

1. Struts
2. Spring
3. Hibernate
4. Seam
5. JSF
6. Javascript/AJAX/XHTML/CSS
7. Google Web Toolkit
8. REST-style Web Services
9. XPDL / BPEL / Workflow / Business Process Management
10. Documentum / Alfresco Developers
11. Python for embedded Linux
12. Mobile Application development for the J2ME platform.

Experience with SQL on a leading database is a must: Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2, MYSQL, MSSQL.

Experience with Dynamic Caching technologies, Event Driven Frameworks like ESPER or Rules engines such as JBoss Rules is a bonus.

Send your resumes to:
14 years ago