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Recent posts by Saurabh Deshpande

Rajan, OCP Auto-replies on receipt of the email. I got the auto reply and today I also got another mail today stating I have not completed Part 3 Essay exam kindly register at Pearsons. Part 2 will not be send for evaluation until Part 3 is completed. However when I went to Pearsons and tried registering it still gives me error message for Part1 not completed. I have mailed them the same asking for next steps.

I could not upload it to Prometric so I mailed Oracle email address. Hoping I get to see some history / profile on Persons in couple of days. If not I mail oracle again to check on this.
Yup. That was my plan too. However I did not get a slot today :-(
Now have to wait till the profile migrates to Pearsons.... I hope its not more than couple of days. Cos I want to get over with the Part 3 soon than later.


I have completed by Part 2 assignment and mailed oracle. I was trying to schedule Part 3 (866) with Pearsons however it asks to do 865 / 848 before appearing for 866. I have migrated my account from Prometric to Pearsons. However I do not see any history. Do I need to wait for oracle to score my Part 2 assignment and it to reflect on my Pearsons account before I can even schedule my Part 3 exam. Please advise.

Thanks Rajan!! Send email hoping for best. Giving Part 3 this week in Pearsons VUE.... Have to purchase it still..
I have completed my assignment an trying to upload. However as usual no response. Can you please tell me which email you mailed the assignment to. Thanks!
Best of luck for the results.
I think you can simply mention DAO are accessed via Factory pattern in your notes. In sequence /class diagram it's not necessary to show how. Lookup or annotation is how - keep that out of class / sequence diagram. My suggestion.
Ok heres my point of argument. I have been also back and forth but I did a lot of reading on this topic.
1. Managed Beans are not client code. They are server side code.
2. Managed beans are actually part of Model in the MVC framework. Same layer as BDs :-)
These 2 points convinced me not to use BDs and SLs especially considering my EJBs or POJOs were going to be local so I can do DI in the Managed Beans.
Ofcourse you want to solution for multiple clients (remote as well) then we can use BDs.
Read this article which explains what gets avoided if we use DI
Read this article for BD the context and problem. Are you trying to solve this? If answer is yes use BD. :-)


Thanks Rajan. I paid $300 for the SCEA Part 2 to download the assignment. Ok I need to shell out another $300 for the Part 3. I have the exact dates June 1st 2010 was the purchase date. I do not have an expiration date but I am forcing / assuming myself it is 1 year. I want to be an SCEA. :-)

Marcelo Ortego wrote:Sounds right to me Rajan.

I think you are doing over solution. If your scope is design a web application and if you are going to use JSF then you can access EJBs / WSs POJOs through Managed Beans dependency injection. This eliminates BD and SL and you can assume your EJBs POJOs are on the same local.


Youssef Ben Kaddour El Wazzani wrote:Hello,

I'm sorry to bring this subject again, but i need confirmation.

I plan to pass the part 3 of the SCEA exam in the next wednesday 25 May in a prometric center, and submit the assignment jar the same day to

I intend to schedule an appointment and indeed i see that the 23,24,25,26,27 (and 30-31 i'm not sure) are still available while you can't choose nothing after.

So i was hoping if you can confirm that is OK ?

(PS : I will take Monday and Thursday off to force myself to complete )

Thank you,

I am planning to submit my Part 2 assignment online. I bought the voucher in June 2010 and suddenly awoke in April 2011 that I should submit it before Jun 2011 :-) So planning to do it sometime this week. However do I need to buy a separate coupon / voucher for Part 3? Then I can buy a voucher and do the Part 3 on Pearson in June 1st week. Unless I am ready to do it early next week 30 & 31st May then I can reuse the same voucher and go to Prometric. I can do that right? Sound silly question but want to confirm.\


Krzysztof Grajek wrote:

Krzysztof Koziol wrote:I have put everything - JSPs, Managed Beans and Controllers in my class diagram and Sequence Diagram. Though it made the diagram bigger but i don't want to take any chances. Moreover it's for my own good also as i was having some gaps while my preparation-so this way it was easy for me to recall.

Did you have more than one controller when using JSF?
Sorry but it's not clear for me since JSF itself isn't action/controller-based framework and doesn't require to implement extra controllers.

Well, it's not clear for me either, normally I wouldn't include any framework specific stuff on the class diagram (like jsp's, beans and controller) but I have found many posts where people actually do and they pass . I guess both approaches are ok, but I think that when talking about JSF we just have to include it in component diagram for sure. I guess if you put it in your class diagram then you would have to add it in your sequence diagrams too, I haven't started my sequence diagrams yet so I haven't made final decision about the JSF on the class diagram either .

Anyone passed/not passed and have an opinion?


Well I think ideal the jsps and controller(s) should not be there. I also believe just the way we dont put FacesServlet to keep it design agnostic we should not have Managed Beans. But Cades book shows both JSPs and Controller.

I mention in the Design notes I would be using JSF for blah blah reasons.... but I keep Class diagram framework independent.

@Ashutosh, To the JSP response of "separate of design & modularity principle" - I think its not separate the one jsp is doing the same job... Anyway I will follow your advise for this one. Regarding Patterns I have to blow my heads off !!!
PS - I read your blog and it was very helpful.

@Krzysztof G- I think all the scenarios / assignment have this same challenges.
Hi Guys.

I am working on my SCEA Part 2 assignment and wanted to clarify few things to fine tune diagram and confirm my knowledge. So here is the list of queries.

1. I am using JSF for my assigment but not including any JSF, ManagedBean in Class Diagram or Sequence Diagram. I just showed a Controller (stated use of MVC in the notes) in the Class / Sequence diagram and have shown JSF in the Component Diagram in Presentation layer and Managed Beans in Business Layer. Let me know this is the correct approach.

2. In sequence diagram, lets say a Search jsp show (prepopulates) on load list of Movie Theatres from Controller (Managed Beans). The user selects a Movie Theatre and System display list of Movies playing at the theatre. Can I use the same Search jsp to display results or is it better to show list of theares as separate jsp and then again on selection of movie display time on another jsp?
My main question is since I am using JSF (Combo box) Component values are updated via interaction with Managed Beans (I wont show this in sequence diagram as per question#1), so this gives a clean design. But I am trying to over do things here?

3. I am very tempted to use the Composite Pattern in my Class Diagram as it suits very well. However refering to Chapter 9 class diagram. HS has shown Wood, Steel, Concrete (all materials) as separate entities. This was done as the Business Domain Diagram had each material separate and charactersistics separate for each material. My doubt is can I represent all my components as the Component (as per Design Pattern) as an Entity? I am having doubts since one of the component can be both a leaf and composite. I was just planning to just list in the notes what components are leaf and what components are composite.

Let me know your thoughts guys.

This is what i read in the FAQs so I think although you can give your PART 3 later your PART 2 will not be assessed.

Sun says it takes 4-6 weeks to grade my assignment, it has been over 6 weeks. What should I do?

For a start - did you take the essay exam after uploading the assignment? Your assignment will not be looked at until after you have completed the part III essay exam.
Hi Javier,

As per my understanding it means
A) System respond with the basic component detail (product detail=component detail) and availability/applicability (component has stock and it is included into the valid component combinations for this house design)

Saurabh Deshpande.