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Recent posts by kurt hanni

Since the pages has no interaction with each other you can just use spring MVC, and for the views can just use JSPs

No need for more complexity
12 years ago

yes watch out for some persistence Qs

A.G Rajkotia wrote:Could you name me some front-end frameworks.
Is it requred to learn JSP also. I mean the same work can be done by a servlet also.

Most common are Struts and Spring MVC, these are front-controllers.

Yes you can do it by servlets alone, but it would be a lot of work, like building your own framework.

knowing the basics of jsp would do fine when using frameworks, but it would be better if you know whats going on underneath. I know a lot of developers using Struts, but does not know how to use servlets.

Stoian Azarov wrote:Why should the SCWCD exam be dead? I think that there are many frameworks out there based on servlets, MVC pattern and it is valuable to master all the concepts behind servlets.
Maybe I am wrong but I would be glad to hear other opinions too.

Yes, all these front-end frameworks are built on top of the jsp/servlet specification.

Having knowledge on specification is a great advantage in understanding and using these frameworks.

gaurav gupta sitm wrote:After the 13 months of war( preparation )

Preparation sure is a battlefield out there.

Congrats perfect score!!!
12 years ago
Scored 95%, 4-5 items per topic, exam was straight forward no tricky questions, got 2-3 questions with Entity beans.

Main study materials:
Ivan Krizsan Study Guide (this should be the official study guide ).
Enthuware, as always the best mock exam.

Light reading on specs and Mikalai Zaikin BCD5 Study Guide. Did lots of coding for all topics.

And of course everyday here in the ranch.

Now time to relax and grab some beer

12 years ago
you can see previous certifications in certview.oracle.com/, you have to register a new account and your peasonvue ID

just follow this
12 years ago
How come i didn't get any mock exam voucher?

How do you get this mock exam?
found it, here you go

UML for the Java Associate

thats all you need to get 100% in UML

12 years ago
Just basic UML topics,
everything you need to know about UML is in Cameron's study guide or
on the UML study guide posted here before, cant find the link, i can send it to you.
12 years ago
other containers have corresponding client.jar, like for jboss you use the jbossall-client.jar in client applications for JNDI lookups
Client App

Remote interface

then access the bean using JNDI lookup

Remote interface and bean implementation class should be in "ejb-app" application.

remember put gf-client.jar in your client-app classpath (im using glassfish server for my ejb-app)
Yes you need the remote business interface on the client side.

put "gf-client.jar" in your classpath, then access the bean using JNDI lookup.