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Recent posts by Andre Tow

Originally posted by Marc Peabody:

The true value of certification is the knowledge you gain. The exam objectives lay a strong foundation of knowledge that you will rely on and appreciate over the course of your career.

I agree, completely.

As far as technolgy goes, here is a "path" you can follow if you are interested.

elementary J2SE:
1. Learn the Java its API and OO Basics, I mean really learn it, the nuances of it are very important in order to move forward. The BEST way since you don't have a job is to prepare for the SCJP and you may even want to do SCJD exam too, its a real project and will give you some good experience along the way.

elementary J2EE:
2. Learn the servlet api backwards and forwards, this will help lay the foundation for higher level web framework abstractions like struts,webwork,tapestry,etc... best way to learn this is to prepare for SCWCD.
3. Learn SQL and JDBC. Make sure you understand the basic RDBMS concepts, inner joins,outer joins, a little bit about stored procedures, etc...

advanced J2EE:
4. Refresh your HTML skills if needed, learn JSTL/JSP2.0 expresion language and Struts.
5. Get an understanding of EJB, its not very difficult once you sift through all the rubbish and get down to the core of it. Once again, preparing for SCBCD is an excellent way to really get a handle on this technology.

6. get a job

I personally reccomend highly ALL of the "Heads First" books. They are fantastic.

- forget about AOP,SOA,xDoclet,Hibernate,UML for now.
19 years ago

Originally posted by Kashif Riaz:
Although its none of my business, how did you get "terminated" from your job? I ask because you may find it difficult to find another position without a good reference, and in many cases, one reference must be from your last employer. So if they terminated your employment, other employers will be wary.

Yeah, give up! If you were fired, theres no way you would ever find another job. We all know people who are fired just disappear and never get to work again.

/sarcasm off

here is a link to the google aptitude test...enjoy.
19 years ago
you probably need to set the resource reference correctly in your web app.

read this:
[ October 18, 2004: Message edited by: Andre Mermegas ]
19 years ago
You can embed scriptlet if you use the RT version.
19 years ago
Well thats a pretty obvious exception, you don't have the naming.jar in your classpath, you probably will need other dependencies as well from the websphere app\lib directory.
19 years ago
Hey Kyle, we were thinking along similiar lines here, however we have the added wrinkle of clients being windows machines and the server running on AIX and DNS is not used at all in our internal enviornment only WINS. Will try and experiment some more today.

19 years ago
Hey all, we have a swing app that accesses EJB's and we are experiencing some issues getting the initialcontext to the WAS5 server from the client instance.

The initialcontext lookup is taking anywhere from 11 seconds on some machines to reportedly minutes on others, yet we are seeing no spikes in load,network traffic or any discernable disk swapping on the server or the client machines.

If anybody has some insight into speeding up this lookup that would be great.

19 years ago
Hey all,
I've read/heard somewhere along the way that there are Ant hotswap tasks somewhere in the WSAD distro. Has anybody ever used them and if so seen any docs on it anywhere? I cant seem to find any.
20 years ago
Hey All,
We have a Swing/EJB application that connects to WASv5, however the implementation of swing provided by in IBM's JVM 1.3/1.4 in WSAD does not input Diacritics correctly for us. e.g. ALT 130 produces this '�' in most applications including Sun's JVM's but in IBM's it produces a comma.
Has anybody successfully run WebSphere client apps such as this in Sun JVM's? I found a link on the IBM site for the pluggable application client framework for WAS4 but the download link is broken and I cant find anything relevant for WAS5.
20 years ago
Hey Kyle, any insight into whether or not IBM plans on supporting WSAD or WAS on OS X at any point in the not too distant future?
20 years ago
Well here is a side thought, if you are worried about the minimal performance implications of using reflection with form beans how do you look at the performance hit from using a more heavyweight servlet based solution as compared to POJO struts actions where this is only 1 servlet per application?
20 years ago
Actually, There is an extension to the struts-tags called struts-el, which allows you to resolve jstl expressions inside struts tags. It is in the contrib directory of your struts distribution.
it will allow you to do things like
<html-el:options collection="${myBean.lists.sites}"/>
[ December 17, 2003: Message edited by: Andre Mermegas ]
20 years ago
The biggest factor in Eclipses success is IBM and price.
Your license expiring? They never expire unless your using a trial. If your using a trial and have only had 30 days of exposure to IDEA than you may not feel the intense sense of loss and depression about making the switch to eclipse that a more intellij exposed developer would feel.If thats the case you should make the switch as fast as possible before you get too comfy and really feel the pain.