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Recent posts by winay Kumar

Hi Vinay,

Here class Test is extending Outer, that means it will have access for all Outer class items unless if its private.
if you remove that extends then you can not access class Inner directly. To do so you need an instance of Outer.
Hi Ayyappan,

There are different ways to achieve this. If your application is an Internet you can try this webpage. if its not then there are some open source APIs, using these we can create a image with pie chart and display that images in web page.
12 years ago
Hi Harshal,

Sql query systax is wrong.
Do you have any field with name userid in your user table?
if you have only two columns emailed and password then query should be like this
rs=st.executeQuery("select emailid from user where emailid='"+userid+"' and password='"+password+"'"); or rs=st.executeQuery("select emailid as userid from user where emailid='"+userid+"' and password='"+password+"'");
13 years ago
Hi Jolly,

what you are saying is correct. '|' has higher precedence then '&&' and Associativity is left to right. That means the expression left to | will evaluate first.

In this example "if(fun1() && fun2() | fun3())" expression "fun1() && fun2()" is left to that | so it will evaluates first then fun3(). To evaluate this "fun1() && fun2()" first it will execute fun1(),if its true then it will execute fun2()

i hope this will clear your doubt
[ July 16, 2008: Message edited by: winay Kumar ]
Hi Prem,

To take SCWCD exam no need to have any professional experience. Any one who is SCJP certified in any version can take this exam. If you are SCJP 1.4 certified then also you can take SCWCD 5.0 exam
Hi Harshal,

Try with st.executeUpdate() instead of PreparedStatement.executeUpdate()
Hi Anand,

That means response is already committed.
Hi sandeep,

you will get error.If you override any HTTP methods that means your servelet will supports only those methods, if you want to support both the methods override doGet() method by keeping business logic and override doPost() by giving call to doGet() method.
13 years ago

poll method will Retrieves and removes the head of this queue.
it returns the head value. If you call size() method after poll() you can see the difference in size.

In this "class Foo { boolean equals(Object o) { } }" its not valid because access modifier is more restrict then the Object class equals method

In this "class Boo { public boolean equals(Boo b) { } }" its overloaded because equals method argument list is different compare to Object class equals method.

check javax.mail* packages...
i do not know whether this suffices your requirement or not
13 years ago
Hi Srirekha,

It's continued in SCWCD 5 also...
Congrats..... Vaibhavs and thanks for sharing your preparation...
Hi Bhupendra,

if you set negative value that means session will never expires
if value is zero that means no session will be created
please check your private message