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Madhawi Maurya

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Recent posts by Madhawi Maurya

I have added a tag


which will exclude the classes which have @Entity annotation and not mapped into persistence.xml file.

After adding this tag my this problem has solved.


you should write like

11 years ago
When I am executing my jsp page, it is not giving any problem and here i am using my otherTld.tld file. my class "" is as

and my jsp file "index.jsp"

[ November 04, 2008: Message edited by: Madhawi Maurya ]
13 years ago
Hi friends,
I have created two .tld files. Both has same <uri>, <name> and <function-class> but different <tlib-version>, <function-signature>.



My problem is that which .tld file will invoke by my jsp uri?

13 years ago
hi, i am new for jstl. please help me how can i write the following scripting language in jsp into the jstl.
13 years ago
Hi friend,

Today I started for the preparation of SCWCD. I know servlets and JSP.

Please suggest me which book will be better for me for the preparation of SCWCD.

[ August 10, 2008: Message edited by: Madhawi Maurya ]
Hi friends,
I go 90% in scjp1.5. All questions was good. All questions i did at the time of the preperation of SCJP1.5.
For preparation:
I used to visit
I searched mock test for scjp1.5 from
I read 5 times the kethi sirea book.

And lastly, today i decided to give the test.

I like to say thanks to all javarancher who always hels me to clear the problem.
13 years ago
hi friend,

How many String objects will be created when this method is invoked?
Answer is given 3.
But it should be 5. that is
"ed4" and

please clear me.
what is the use and difference between Serialization and Externalization?
can any tell me the present price of SCJP1.5 voucher in India, Delhi.
In your code Animal has two methods eat() and eat(Animal), Horse has two methods eat() and eat(Horse). Here Horse overring only one method eat(). eat(Animal) and eat(Horse) methods are overloading methods not overriding methods. So reference of Animal class 'a' can refer only eat(Animal).
Thanks Djunaidi to clear my problem.
Following code give Run time Exception

Error in first excecution:

Error in 2nd Excetion:

how code works in first Error. Please help.