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Recent posts by ramanuja varun

Hi I am new to liferay framework can somebody help me with "How to change the default web page with my customised html page"
13 years ago
Please help me in choosing the best framework among the open source framework for building a portal. also some links or documents for a starter to start building a portal.
13 years ago
Sir is it true that if we have number of forms say a 1500 odd forms with the help of JSf we can do them using only 15 JSP's. I was told this by one of my friends who said he implemented such a logic.
13 years ago
Sir,Can you explain it in a more detailed fashion. I could not get the gist of it.Did you mean some other folder outside the webapps folder. What difference does it make if the images are outside the webapps folder inside (the resources folder inside the webapps). My dir structure is like this: tomcat->webapps->WEB-INF, resources->images->logos.jpg. Do i have to change this logos.jpg directly(i am replacing this file by another file with the same name) or do i have to link it to some other folder outside the webapps folder. Kindly explain. Thanks for the help Sir.
Sir, I would like to know if it is possible to change the logo of the web site on the fly.Please let me know what will I have to do to enable the change of logo on the fly.
Sir,I have to upload the logo image.Can you explain where on the server should i transfer the file to.Suggest me the folder i have to upload it to.I was thinking resources folder in the WEB-INF is a better place.
Sir, What does the method getRealPath() actually do?Will i be able to use it in some way to fulfill my need.
Mr.Nathan can you please suggest a way to solve my problem.
i am not interested in storing the file,Instead i need only the full-Path of the file to be stored.How to retrieve the full path.can post some example if available.
I have a Form wherein the admin will enter the location of the logo(image) to be screened using the fileupload/browse .I have to take this real path and store it in the database and retrieve it for later use.I am using spring framework.
[ December 15, 2008: Message edited by: ramanuja varun ]
Can somebody explain how to handle file uploads in spring framework.
Is it necessary to use multipartFile for the file upload.If not what are the other ways to do it.Expecting a prompt reply. Thanks
Yes sir i have to take the location of the file from the administrator of the site, store it in the database and retrieve when ever any updates are made. That is if the logo has been changed the admin will just give the location of the new logo. The logo will be updated automatically.
sir can you let me know is there any way to store the file location. My requirement is to store the location which i have to use to retrieve when ever my file is updated.Please let me know ASAP.
I have a problem using the fileupload/browse button. When i am retrieving the field in the spring framework controller it is supposed to render the full path instead it is rendering only the file name which has been uploaded.Can somebody help me out with this. In short i want the full path of the file to be displayed.
Dear Sir,
Can you please let me know how to pass on some message to be displayed in my jsp upon successful update/save. I have not used the SimpleFormController. Had my Controller extended the SFC then i would have included status= message to the successView. My controller just implements the Controller interface. Please help me with this .
thanking you,