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Recent posts by adam Lui

Originally posted by Ulf Dittmer:
What specifically are you looking for that isn't covered in the extensive online tutorial? The tutorial is also part of the Hibernate download, so if you have that, you already have the tutorial in HTML format.

thanks Ulf, i am taking a deep look now
I am a beginner to Hibernate, i have solid skill in Java. I know nothing about Hibernate.
I am hoping to learn it, at least some basics concept and can go through some practical exercise, get a small program to use it. Possibly interacting with database technology (SQL...MS SQL may be?)

please guide!
I am preparing for an upcoming possible interview.

At a junior level, how should i explain this question?

personally i am quite confused how to give a definition of it as well.
heard of you can fix your resume with a SCJP logo or stuff like on it,
does provide it?
or how can we get it?
16 years ago
I expected it would be between 75% to 80%, but in the end it is only 72%, of course, which is still not bad at all to myself, and most importantly, I passed and i can tell people that yes, i am certified! horayyy!

To all ranchers, thanks for answering my posts and provide valuable opinion and stuff, and yet,
I have to make a huge appreciation to Kelvin Lim, which is always kind and eager to answer almost every thing i asked, seriously I could be not able to achieve the exam without your assistance, you are very a nice person who would make anonymous contribution to people without asking anything for return! thanks Kelvin

and GOOD LUCK to you guys taking to exam soon.
it is so much easier than K&B and whizlabs,
if they are not enough for you, do get the Apress one, it clarifies so many concepts which K&B and whizlabs might have confused you.
16 years ago

how is it possible to use that f() in localInner?
is there any system settings or classpath invocation on the command has to be specified to run this code?
i got the class files in the same directory course:


the compiler complaints on about not being able to find Student.
i really dont have a clue why..
pls help!

(even i put course.Student instead of Student in declaration)

Originally posted by dev rai:

I got 56% (fail) in the first K&b mock exam which came along with the book. I have my exam next week. Will i pass in the scjp exam looking at this mock exam score ? How should i continue my study in order to score better.

dont be frustrated, do it again and aim 25%+
i wonder if that will be even on the exam?
it is not mentioned in the K&B or Apress.
object: wait, notify, notifyAll
Thread: sleep, yield, join

which ones have to be in a try block?
arent they meant to be?
i have seen too many codes and i have been confused if they are meant to.
public class TestHash {
private int length;
private int width;
private final double area;

public TestHash (int l, int w)
length = l;
width = w;
area = length * width;

from this example, I learnt a final variable and a variable changeble by two variables should be involved in hashcode manipulation, what about for equals?

it makes sense for me to use it for equals, for example,
final integer for area, of shapes, can be used to compare so is one of the methods to find out if they are equal objects.
am i right?! :roll:
[ November 13, 2007: Message edited by: adam Lui ]
that's cool man thanks Jia

it looks so not appealing to me that insert is not included in the String class!
which can be constructed using an instance of

i think the answers are A and D. correct?
source : learnKey

which request(s) that the garbage collector executes?
A. System.gc();
B. System.runGC();
C. System.getRuntime().gc();
D. Runtime.gc();
E. Runtime.runGC();
F. Runtime.getRuntime().gc();

I picked A, F in the mock exam,
but since it didnt auto save the report and i closed the software by accident,
i am not sure the answers.