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Recent posts by Misha Milshtein

Just wondering,
before you uploaded your application, have you tested it on any of UNIX based platforms? Did it look ok? Yesterday I tried mine on Linux and it looked rather unflattering. Of course, the resolutions on that box were pretty low too...
I keep hearing about "design decision file", but nothing similar was mentioned in my assignment. While it is customary to include your design notes, is it really required?
I am well ino the project and approaching the documentation state. From my experience - the best help for you here is your basik Java2 API javadocs. I never paid attentio before, but they actually link to multiple java tutorials that can be of help as well. I also keep handy my trusted volumes of Core Java2 by Cay Horstmann.
Good job SAFROLE, congratulations.
Feel like answering some more questions?
My questions are:
1. Packaging. Did you put any of your classes into suncertify package? Actually, if you can present your package hierarchy I would truly appreciate it
2. Exam. You were probably asked to explain your networking choice (sockets over RMI). What was your reasoning?
3. Thank You
"Client implementaton should include a class that implements the same public methods ad suncertify.db.data class...."
My question is: must the methods of the client class have the same exact signatures ad the Data methods, or it is enough for them to have the same functionality?
The assignment states:
"The remote client that you write must provide all the public methods of the suncertify.db.Data class".
Do I understand correctly that the methods we are to provide are for the "future enhancements", and we do not need to provide GUI for adding and deleting records?
Thank You Rick.
Yes, criteriaFind most definitely must be able to handle any type of search, it is GUI that I am wondering about
Do i understand correctly that most people only implement search by Airports and Carrier but not by Price or Day? I'd like to ask those who passed the exam, what type of search did your GUI allow?
Thank You