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Recent posts by Mohamed Sanaulla

Awesome!!! Congratulations Jeanne, You deserved it!!
4 years ago
Below are the requirements:
1. Min. 5 years in Spring MVC
2. Min. 5 Years in writing SQL queries for web applications
3. Min. 2 Years in Thymeleaf (Templating Engine)
4. Min. 3 Years in MyBatis, and its features of collections, and associations etc.
5. Some working experience with JQuery and Javascript is required
6. Some working experience with MustacheJS (client side templating) is a plus
7. TDD

1. Team player
2. Very Good communication in writing (English)
3. Self-organizing
4. Quick learner
5. Inclination to write Unit tests for the code

Selection Procedure:
- Email your CV with Subject: Spring Developer - Code Ranch - {Your name} to msanaulla[at]gso[dot]org[dot]sa
- We will schedule a Skype call and give you an assignment to complete

Approach to work:
- We will have tasks defined on GitHub with an explanation on the wiki
- We will discuss the time estimates with the developer and the developer will be paid based on the number of hours estimated and agreed on by us.
- We have Spring Boot projects which can be checked out and run independently of anything
- Daily skype calls to review the work and discuss any issues developer is facing.
- Once a task is completed there will be a demo by the developer and code review.
- Once we are satisfied by the code quality and test coverage we close the issue

About the Organization:
- Our organization is a regional standardization body in GCC called GCC standardization Organization

6 years ago
Have you linked to the Bootstrap CSS? Bootstrap CSS should do it for you. Check bootstrap documentation
I totally agree with facts discussed on certifications. But in the middle-east region where I am working, I feel there is a lot of importance to such certifications. Though I haven't had a first hand experience of the same.

But if someone is going out to reach out to people may be for consulting tasks, for talks, for workshops then credentials backed by certifications give some credibility to the person.
How is the relevance of the topics covered in the book related to Srcum, XP and Lean principles mapped to the practical software development world? Often we have seen lot of books covering the principles, but their applicability or approach to adopt them goes missing.
We have a lot of certifications around Agile practices. How does PMI-ACP stand out among all of them? I know from my friend that this certification needs to be renewed every 2 years. So will that not be an additional burden in terms of cost and effort? And what is the rationale behind the renewal?
Thanks a lot, Dmitry. I will read through the link shared by you. I am working on an upcoming book on Spring 5 and would like to cover the Kotlin's support in Spring 5!
6 years ago

Pete Letkeman wrote:It appears as though Kotlin has an accelerated release schedule when compared to Java with 1.1.5 released a few weeks ago and 1.2 currently in the works.
How did the speed of Kotlin releases affect the material in your book or your book?

In the About the Book section it states:

The book covers Kotlin 1.0. Kotlin 1.1 has been in development in parallel to the writing of the book, and whenever possible, we’ve mentioned the changes made in 1.1. But because the new version is still a work in progress as of this writing, we haven’t been able to provide complete coverage. For ongoing updates about the new features and changes, please refer to the online documentation at

So I guess there might be some gap, the authors can explain better.
6 years ago

Alex Shykhman wrote:

Jesper de Jong wrote:
In what way do you think it was unfortunate?

I mean Jigsaw in the first place. Reflection usage was cut, Maven builds now require additional instructions which sometimes weren't clear, many 3-party libs stopped working. If they are no longer supported, then they should be replaced with something. Java 9 introduces completely new, different approach. Sometimes it causes troubles.

No, reflection is still supported. You have to check the new command line options which have been introduced to support deep reflection which libraries like hibernate do. This support introduced is a temporary one to provide time for all the libraries to fix themselves.

And I find nothing complicated in the maven instructions, I guess a few new tags to add which modules it depends and that's it. So you can use non-modular jars as automatic modules in your modular application and they work just fine!!!
6 years ago

Besides that, I definitely recommend that you learn more languages than just Java. I've looked a bit at Kotlin myself and it's a very interesting language with useful features that are unlike anything that Java has. Learning a new language will expand your horizon and teach you things that you haven't even imagined when you were programming in Java.

The last language I tried out on JVM was Scala. And the complexity of the language made it really hard for me to understand the functional programming aspects. But then the same in Java 8 made it quite easy for me to understand the functional programming aspects. But I think I will give Kotlin a serious try due to its adoption in Spring 5.
6 years ago
Its really interesting to know what led to Google supporting Kotlin officially. Is it because of the recent issues they ran into with Java, that they wanted to adopt an alternative as well?

The fact that it has been adopted by Google over other languages available like Groovy, Scala might have something strong in favour of Kotlin. Do you know of anything in Kotlin that stands out?

Or maybe because its being developed by JetBrains who have a very vast experience in Java and JVM world that they know what didn't work well or what is missing in Java.
6 years ago
I have read that Spring 5 supports Kotlin. Can you share some light on that?

Is the support going to be such that we can develop a Spring application in Kotlin, just like the way we use Java?
6 years ago
We have OpenJDK as well which is the reference implementation for the Java language specifications. The different JDK flavours should follow the Java language specification in terms of supporting the language and the byte code format. So if your target platform has all the required libraries which are being used by your application then the compiled java code should run across the JVM platforms (for the same JDK version).

You might have seen that we can use OpenJDK and compile the code and run it on OracleJDK (though there are subtle differences between the two).

This is a most unlikely practical scenario where you develop and build against one JDK platform and deploy on another JDK platform. You should keep your development, test and production platforms similar so that you don't end up with surprises when your code goes into production.
6 years ago
Please share the code which handles the Ajax request on the server?

Its better to avoid using Sessions as they can be a cause for a lot of bugs and does not scale. Any data which is required by the server is sent via the request.
6 years ago
Hello Dominik,

We have yet another programming language. How do you think is Nim different from other languages in the software development world?

What is the learning curve for those coming from languages like Java?

And what are the industrial applications of Nim?
6 years ago