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i am in India. I don't think they deliver in India.
Hi Guyzz,

Where from to get the R M H book?
Which of paint or paintComponent is called?
13 years ago
What is happening is that ... I connect to a database... when i first connect to the database whatever is there in the Main panel is removed and added again (based on database values). however the newly added items may or may not be same.

when this happends overridden paint and repaint are not getting called instead i am calling overridden update method().
13 years ago
In the Main JPanel i have overridden paint and repaint methods and both are calling their respective super methods.
13 years ago

I have a Swing Application the secription of which is as following :

The Frame contains Menu Bar and a JPanel(Main) only

JPanel itself has another JPanel(search) plus other Graphic 2D images like ellipse etc

the ellipses and connections between them are drawn based on some database values.

Main JPanel overrides paint, update methods.

Since the ellipse are based on database values any changes to these require updation to database and due to same .. all the components of main JPanel are removed and redrawn.

However due to this the Menu bar items become garbled i.e the search Jpanel starts showing at its location as well as above the menu items.

Please help .
13 years ago
Hi, Cleared the SCJP5.0 yesterday with 91%. What you preparing for now?
Saurabh, Are you sure no of options will be known in advance?
What's your profile currently?
binary numeric promotion.

If T is broader than int, both operands are converted to T; otherwise, both operands are converted to int.
do take some mock exams and work on simulators. Self study is enough but practice is very important.
I don't think so. If it will come, it will be a compilation error for sure.
Hi.. Swati..

Please go through the tutorial

Here in java ranch, You can rad the thread

Hope this will help. If not, do tell me.
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.HashSet;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Set;

public class EqualsHashcode {

public static void main(String... args){
final int x = 4;

Set<SortOf> set= new HashSet<SortOf>();
SortOf t = new SortOf(2,"abc", (short) x);
SortOf t1 = new SortOf(1,"abc", (short) (x + 4));

ArrayList <? super SortOf> a = new ArrayList<SortOf>();

public static void add(List <? super SortOf> a){
a.add(new Object());
// Compile Time Error

class SortOf {
String name;

int bal;

String code;

short rate;

SortOf(int bal,String code, short rate){
this.bal = bal;
this.code = code;
this.rate = rate;

public int hashcode() {
return (code.length() * bal);

public boolean equals(Object o) {
return ((SortOf) o).code.length() * ((SortOf) o).bal
* ((SortOf) o).rate == this.code.length() * this.bal
* this.rate;

Can anyone explain this behavior? // Compile Time Error why is it coming??
[ September 19, 2007: Message edited by: Yogvinder Singh Ghotra ]
okie..i got it... Anyway.. You have a Happy hunting..time
15 years ago