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Recent posts by Patricia Samuel

Hi ,
Can anyone help on this?

WITH temp AS (
select to_date('01-Jun-2011','DD-Mon-YYYY') start_date, to_date('23-Jun-2011','DD-Mon-YYYY') end_date, 1 rw from dual union all
select to_date('05-Jun-2011','DD-Mon-YYYY'), to_date('07-Jun-2011','DD-Mon-YYYY'), 2 from dual union all
select to_date('05-Jun-2011','DD-Mon-YYYY'), to_date('07-Jun-2011','DD-Mon-YYYY'), 3 from dual
, start_date + t.column_value
, t.column_value "LEVEL"
FROM temp
SELECT level FROM dual CONNECT BY level <= end_date - start_date
AS sys.odcinumberlist
) t

i found this solution on a forum..
can anyone explain? what is CAST() and MULTISET(), sys.odcinumberlist here
12 years ago
I have a table temp_rates

select * from temp_rates


AED 25/10/2008 28/10/2008 0.25
AED 08/11/2008 12/11/2008 8
AED 29/10/2008 06/11/2008 0.4

i want to generate multiple rows between end_date and start_date
AED 25/10/2008 0.25
AED 26/10/2008 0.25
AED 27/10/2008 0.25
AED 28/10/2008 0.25

AED 08/11/2008 8
AED 09/11/2008 8
AED 10/11/2008 8
AED 11/11/2008 8
AED 12/11/2008 8

AED 29/10/2008 0.4
AED 30/10/2008 0.4
AED 31/10/2008 0.4
AED 1/11/2008 0.4
AED 2/11/2008 0.4
AED 3/11/2008 0.4
AED 4/11/2008 0.4
AED 5/11/2008 0.4
AED 6/11/2008 0.4

I used 'connect by level' as below

select currency, start_date +level -1 as temp_date, rate from temp_rates
connect by level <= (end_date-start_date +1)

and it returns 930 rows instead of 18. Data is duplicate here.
can anyone tell? what is wrong with this query. i have a doubt on the condition (end_date-start_date +1)

12 years ago
Hello All,

I am trying to send email from unix server that has body and attachment both. But I am successful in sending either body or attachment. I have done a lot of goggling on it but could not find anything. Can anyone please help me on this.

Nothing worked for me. It attches the body in garbled character in the mail itself.

Please advise something on it.

13 years ago
so many speculations!!!

Folks, its a talend generted code and try block has 7000 lines of code. it works perfectly in eclipse. I see no compilation error. But when i use my build.xml on unix environment it throws code too large for try statement. Any help!!!

13 years ago
I understand it...But what is the reason i am able to compile it on eclipse jdk 1.5
13 years ago
No. its not a jsp. It simply java code having 38K lines.
13 years ago
I am getting error on UNIX env "code too large for try statement" in jdk 1.5. Though it compiles in eclipse jdk 1.6. Would anyone help?
13 years ago
Hi All,

I need to replace some value in config file using perl script. I used this code -

When i print $file , it shows me the changed rows but it does not write it to a file. Please suggest.

Patricia samuel
13 years ago
Resolved. Last parameter in the script was having space and when property tries to load it, it does not find the value.

Thanks Anyways!!!
13 years ago
Hi Folks,

When i try run a jar file from shell script , i face some prob.

I have given this command in shell file - java -jar proc.jar arg1.arg1 arg2.arg2 arg3.agr3

My main class takes three argument. But somehow shell file is not taking arg3 in consideration. This command works well when i run it straight away at $ but shows some problem in shell script.

Any suggestion.

Patricia Samuel

13 years ago
Thanks Rob. It works perfectly for me when i used resourcestream.

13 years ago
Hi Folks,

I created a runnable jar using eclipse. There are 4 classes and 2 properties file that are required in jar file. When i run main method from eclipse, all things work well. But when i try to make it a runnable jar and execute it, it throws an error stating that property file not found. But I can see it in my jar file at specified path.

Between i have used property.load method to load the properties. Is this a problem in a jar file?

Please let me know if any other information is required.

Thanks for your support.

Patricia Samuel.
13 years ago

Could somebody help me in configuring SQL files -

I have a package body that have procedure for inserting data. it takes cursor to iterate. I have put cursor in header file. Is there any way we can have the sql select query in some file and refer the query from file into cursor.

Please help or let me know any way so that i can manage queries in some property file and refer query into cursor from this file.

13 years ago
Hi Experts,

I am working on creating table structure for my application. There are some date fields that would not have time with them in the data. I want to ask you guys whether we should take Date date type for this type of column or we should prefer Varchar2.

Thanks for all your help in advance!!!

Warm Regards,
Patricia samuel
13 years ago
Hello All,

While going through the book " Hibernate Quickly", i got confused with this statement -

Keep in mind that Hibernate
doesn’t set the ID value if the generator type is assigned.)

What i deduced that when the generator type is Assigned, we won't get id value of that object. Please confirm me whether i understood it well or not and along with why is it that we don't get Id value in case of assigned generator.

Thanks a lot.