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Rajeev R Tumkur

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Recent posts by Rajeev R Tumkur

Hi All,
Finally I have cleared SCBCD 5.0 with 86%. I have gone through Mikalai Zaikin's SCBCD 5.0 study guide and EJB 3.0 specifications thoroughly..

Mikalai Zaikin, Thank you very much for ver good SCBCD 5.0 study guide...
12 years ago
Same problem with netbeans 6.1 also.
Hi Reza,
Thanks for the good book.
The book is very good and unarguably the best one for both EJB3 beginners and practitioners. I personally feel that it's better to provide xml alternatives (ejb-jar.xml & orm.xml with explanation) for annotations for the examples in the book. Even though it's very easy to write the EJB3 code using annotations, xml is also equally important. Also, please try to elaborate the JNDI part.

Thanks again
Netbeans + GlassFish is simply superb. I tried practicing using Eclipse+JBoss. But since JBoss 5 is in beta stages, there were many problems like DI(JBoss5CR1), file locking in windows(JBoss5beta4). Eclipse+Glassfish or Netbeans+Glassfish is good & quickly you can learn EJB with out many problems.

Could anybody please let me know how to configure JBoss to use websphere MQ for developing MDBs?
Application server : JBoss Beta
Websphere MQ : 6.0

Thanks JaiKiran.
13 years ago
I have not used RAD. But, I believe that it is similar to Eclipse. Try the below steps.

1. In the menu bar of Eclipse/RAD, go to windows -- > Preferences --> Server --> Server time-out delay.

2. Select the option Long /Longer in the drop down list. Default is Normal (time-put period of 50 seconds). Long has timeout period of 100 seconds & Longer has timeout period of 200 seconds.

3. Then click O.k. & restart the server.

Hope this helps.
13 years ago
Thanks a lot Peter. Can we redeploy the project ear file without restarting the JBoss beta server?
13 years ago
Hi Marc,
Thanks for your reply. But, I have logged-on as the same user on both times. I am not sure about the problem. But the same works fine with JBoss 4.2.2 GA. Is it required to change anything in .xml configuration files?
14 years ago
You can find the JBoss plug-in for eclipse in the below link. Extract the downloaded zip file to eclipse folder & restart Eclipse.
Rajeev R
14 years ago
When I am trying to deploy new version of the existing file 'StudentEAR.ear' in JBoss beta server, I am getting the below error. But, this works fine in JBoss 4.2.2 GA server.

C:\JBoss\eclipse\plugins\org.eclipse.jst.server.generic.jboss_1.5.105.v200709061325\buildfiles\jboss323.xml:33: Unable to remove existing file C:\JBoss\jboss-5.0.0.Beta4\server\default\deploy\StudentEAR.ear

Can anybody help me to solve the above problem?
Rajeev R
14 years ago
Pro EJB 3.0 is very useful for studying persistence part..
I tried developing a simple EJB3 application provided in Mikalai Zaikin's SCBCD 5.0 study guide. The following are the steps to be followed for configuring Eclipse, JBoss & MySQL.

Softwares Used: Eclipse 3.3, MySQL 5.0, JBoss 5.0.X beta.

Steps Followed.

1. Extract the JBoss tools features & plugins in to the same Eclipse folders respectively.

2. Install MySQL 5.0.

3. UnZip the JBoss server. Follow the below steps to configure mysql database as default database.

4. Remove the hsqldb.jar & hsqldb-plugin.jar from jboss-5.0.0.Beta4\server\default\lib.

5. Copy the driver libraries to jboss-5.0.0.Beta4\server\default\lib

6. You may want to edit jboss-5.x\serverdefault\deploy\jboss-ds.xml depending on database you

choose. Pre-configured *-ds.xml are available in jboss-5.x\docs\examples\jca.

7. Copy the mysql-ds.xml to jboss-5.0.0.Beta4\server\default\deploy. Remove the file hsqldb-ds.xml.

Change the below parameters in mysql-ds.xml


8. Download the binary files for JBoss Messaging from the below link. Make sure you get the correct


9. Delete the file server/xxx/deploy/messaging/hsqldb-persistence-service.xml

10. Copy the file examples/config/mysql-persistence-service.xml from the JBoss Messaging binary

download to the server/xxx/deply/messaging directory
[Replace the file hsqldb-persistence-service.xml with mysql-persistence-service.xml

11. Switch-off the clustering in the file mysql-persistence-service.xml.

Normally, you don't want a clustered post office. So, set it to false in the file mysql-persistence

-service.xml (section --> Messaging Post Office MBean configuration )

<attribute name="Clustered">false</attribute>
14 years ago
Hi Max,
Try learning the EJB3 with the Mikalai Zaikin SCBCD 5.0 study guide.
It can be accessed in the below link. Follow the steps in appendix. It's very easy to install & learn with Eclipse & JBoss.