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rohan tiwari

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since Sep 13, 2007
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Recent posts by rohan tiwari

I gave the SCJD exam because of the following two reasons

1.Wanted to learn topics like RMI and locking.
2.Its a very good certification(I feel so) as it tests your capabilities as a java developer with the help of a project.
[ July 05, 2008: Message edited by: rohan tiwari ]
hey...thts an amazing score man!!!
16 years ago
i implemented following searches... name only location only... name and location(match both) name or location(match either of them)

i interpreted 'exactly' as a case-sensitive search....
meaning Fred would match Fred,Freddy but not fred or fRed....

you explain this in choices.txt...
hope i have been helpful
great score...congrats

Originally posted by vinny kapoor:
congrats rohan...
can you guide me how can i apply for scjd assignments
in india?
how much it costs?

Vinny,I have send a private message to you with the necessary details.All the best.
16 years ago
I wrote the essay on feb 6 and got the result on march 31.I emailed prometric and sun twice each.
[ April 07, 2008: Message edited by: rohan tiwari ]
Fantastic..40 in GUI ...great..
[ April 04, 2008: Message edited by: rohan tiwari ]

Originally posted by Harish Yerneni:
Congrats, Rohan. You did it at a Rocket speed!!!


well,it took 105 hrs for me.
16 years ago
I got the result yesterday-385/400.
For me , the integral 7 website show pending status so far.
Very good score..

As far as the GUI goes, I think they might want some menus like exit,refresh and help(a link to your useguide and javadoc).
16 years ago