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Recent posts by Suresh patel

Paul Michael wrote:How did you get the original results? Do you have the certificate with you?

I didn't received by certificate but the website ( shows following data

Jan 4, 2009 Jan 4, 2009 Fulfillment 4149994 Architect for Java Platform Kit: Mailed
Jan 4, 2009 Jan 4, 2009 Fulfillment 4149994 Architect for Java Platform Kit: Processed
Jan 2, 2009 Jan 2, 2009 Fulfillment 4149994 Architect for Java Platform Kit: Verification
Dec 29, 2008 Dec 29, 2008 Fulfillment 4149994 Architect for Java Platform Kit: Awaiting
Dec 29, 2008 Dec 29, 2008 Fulfillment 4149994 Architect for Java Platform Kit: Newly
Dec 3, 2008 Dec 2, 2008 Exam (310-061) Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java 2
Platform Enterprise Edition Technology Part II (310-061) -

I don't know what I should understand from above ??

Ashwin Pai wrote:That is really strange. Did you try contacting Sun ?
Hopefully its just a mistake. Dont Worry.


I had emailed sun and waiting for their reply...

I upload my assignment and given the last part on 4th Dec i got my result on 26th Dec that I had passed with 89 %.
But when I tried to see it again today the website says that I am failed.>; record indicates that I had not given the exam and the history link says "This exam result is no longer valid. It has been replaced by an updated exam result record.">says that "Comment: Assessor2 - this candidate has not passed."

IS anybody facing same type of problem.



Did anybody compare RMI (with http tunneling ) with Web services.

Hi All,

Can anybody guide how to show Webservices with UML.

Thanks In Advance
Ashwin ,

Signed applet can connect to different machine/server.

Check this out
According to me
Web-services should be used when the system are heterogeneous but I am not dealing with heterogeneous system as client is also java and server is also java .so I was thinking not to use Web-services.

Java pet store 1.3 version is using simple HttpURLConnection class for server communication so was considering that as one of the option.

Still things are not clear....

Any more suggestion are welcome
I don't know which assignment you are having in part-II but from your post I can predict you are talking about web application framework.
i.e thin client and for that JSF + AJAX is good choice.
What are you planning to use for creating RIA Client ?

Is it JavaFX ?
The problem of calling EJB in swing is the firewall ,as it communicate using RMI-IIOP and most of the firewall don't allow the communication

I am bit confused in designing the communication between Swing Client and J2ee, Possible option I am thinking are

Client side
2) Web Services
3) HttpURLConnection
4) RMI (would not prefer this due to firewall issue)

Server side
Going to use Front controller design pattern

Any suggestion are welcome

Thanks in advance

If you don't get chance to do the design but you can go through the current design of your project from there you can learn a lot.

Hope you got it.
I am also preparing for part-II...
Please share your experience for part-II