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Recent posts by ashok ballu

Hi All,

I need to develop a Restful client on WAS 6.1. Could you please guide me useful links.

Ballu Ashok.
12 years ago
Thank you for your reply.

But requirement is to use Axis2 webservice. Help me with any sample code or procedure to implement client in .net to access JAVA axis2 web sevice which is secured through rampart.
14 years ago
Thank you for your reply.

Ya, I have some idea about SOAPUI tool, I am using this tool with netbeans to analyse how the soap request and soap response 'es are coming through SOAPUI request feature.

I am able to view the soap request and responses of a simple webservice with out implementing security.

For my axis2 secured web service secured through rampart, I am getting the response using SOAPUI tool through request option is:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">
<soapenv:Text xml:lang="en-US">WSDoAllReceiver: Incoming message does not contain required Security header</soapenv:Text>

I have 2 questions:
1.How to use this tool to work properly with secured webservice
2.using this tool how can we track the .net clients soap request and our JAVA service response.
14 years ago
I am developing a .NET web service client to consume JAVA AXIS2 web service which is secured through rampart.

Could you please help me , how to develop the web service client in .net I mean how to pass the credentials to consume the secured webservice
14 years ago

HI , Thank you for your reply. I am able to consuming normal JAVA web service(which is not using any authentication mechanism) in .NET application.

But I am not able to consuming JAVA AXIS2 WEB SERVICE which is implemented using authentication in .net, it is giving error that "required security header is not in the request"

Please any link or procedure to consume axis2 web service in .Net
14 years ago
Hi! I run the sample axis web service application(implemeted using WS-Security authentication mechanisim) which is given under this link(

It is running in JAVA fine. We need to access this secured web service in .net.

could you please help me...........
14 years ago
we need to bind the the data to table. we are using struts2 framework.
is there any table component in struts2 like Datagrid component to populate data?
could you please help me by giving an example .

15 years ago
List<GroupInfo> groupInfoList = groupInfoManager.getGroupInfos();

The above statement creates a list object which consists of group information.
List<LabelValueBean> groupInfoBean = LableValueBeanFactory.create (groupInfoList, "groupName", "id", GroupInfo.class, null);

This statement creates groupInfoBean Object from factory class
request.getSession().setAttribute(Constants.GROUP_INFO_BEAN, groupInfoBean);

This statement retrieving a session object, storing the groupInfoBean Object in Constants.GROUP_INFO_BEAN
--------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
15 years ago
hi Ranchers!
I am new to struts2, can any one send sample file for sruts2.
If possible, any example application or link describing log4j configuration with struts2.

15 years ago
Your quote:
"If a directory is provided in the classpath, and that directory contains jar files, do the jar files get included? or must you additionally specify each jar file in the classpath?"
According to my experience,If we include a directory/Folder to classpath , then all the jar files will be searched. No need to maintion each and every jar file explicitly
[ November 04, 2008: Message edited by: ashok ballu ]
15 years ago
hi all,
I am new to struts 2. Can we integrate flex as UI Using STRUTS2.
If possible, please provide the links.

Thanks in advance
15 years ago
Check once again Your application directory structure.


and URL : http://localhost:8080/application/(URL-PATTERN)

definitely it will execute, check once...........
[ October 22, 2008: Message edited by: ashok ballu ]
Thank you fro your reply.

My question is : steps to installation and configuration of axis 2 with eclipse IDE.

and one Example to creating webservice using axis2 (steps )

Thank You
15 years ago
I am new to eclipse IDE, I would like to configure axis 2 with Eclipse.

I downloaded file and ANT .

Could you please how to configure these thing with Eclipse.

Thanks in Advance...
15 years ago
I tried to install axis 2 plugin on NETBEANS 6.5 ide through plugin manger,
in the middle iam getting error like this

"Not all of the plugins have been successfully downloaded. The server may be unavailable at the moment. Try again later"

I tried many times.

so, could you please help me to solve this problem
15 years ago