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Recent posts by Sean Fordyce

Our client in Centennial is looking for 3 god Java developers with portal experience.

This is a 90 CTH, however they do give the option to extend the contract if the candidate does not want to hire on.

�Work hands-on and provide the technical knowledge in the design, development, implementation, maintenance, and support of enterprise web and applications.
�Analyze information system requirements, create designs, and provide technical documentation by utilizing the specified tools and methodologies.
�Provide information system technology solutions by adhering to the prescribed life-cycle tools and methodologies.
�May provide a variety of services ranging from day-to-day support, maintenance, design, development, and trouble-shooting to improve, advance, or simplify applications and processes.
�Other duties as required. This list is not meant to be a comprehensive inventory of all duties and responsibilities assigned to this position.
�Bachelors Degree in Information Technology related discipline or equivalent experience of minimum 5 years software development

�Minimum 5 years experience with web development - Java, J2EE, JSPs and Struts
�In-depth experience in at least one leading Portal solution: BEA Portal, Liferay, IBM Websphere
�Good to have: exposure to Spring and Hibernate
�Strong analytical, organizational and communication skills are a must
�Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists
�Ability to work well under pressure and execute on aggressive deadlines
�Flexible in a changing work environment, and driven to succeed in a fast paced atmosphere
16 years ago
We are looking for talented software developers to develop large-scale distributed applications in the J2EE framework. You will be working in a fast-pace, collaborative and innovative environment to enable our business with world class technology solutions.

More specifically, we are looking for software developers with:
�4+ years of full life-cycle and iterative development
�5+ years of development using Java, JSP, EJB, Servlets, HTML, Javascript, XML, Messaging
.Net experience is a plus
�Strong UNIX knowledge
�Experience with relational database technology: SQL, JDBC, Oracle
�Experience with BEA Weblogic products
�Experience with object-oriented analysis and design using UML
�Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
�Excellent organizational and planning skills
�Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills
�Excellent verbal communication skills
�Resolve and sense of urgency

The following is preferred:
�Development, tuning and production support experience with Weblogic 8 or above
�Experience with Struts
�Experience with Mentoring Junior Staff
�Experience with Spring and Hibernate technologies
�Experience with Agile methodologies, refactoring, test-first programming
�Experience developing web applications and call center applications
�Experience with Microsoft SQL Server, .NET Framework (C#), .NET Windows Forms, ADO.NET, ASP.NET Web Services
�Experience with Apache Ant
�Experience with CVS
�Experience in the banking industry
�Experience with VRU and VoiceXML

Candidates must be a US Citizen or Green Card holder. Please send resumes to
16 years ago
Internet Developer

Helping to develop business internet applications. This individual will be responsible for:

�Development of internal web applications
�Java language experience
�Previous experience with JSP/Struts or Java Servlets
�Previous experience with a relational database query language such as Oracle SQL
�Strong interpersonal and communication skills are required

Other desirable experience:

�SQL Server
�Experience with web languages and standards including HTML, XML, CSS, and JavaScript
�Experience with VB, ASP
�Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, Project)
This person will be putting together a report services web page which will be utilized to bring up PDF files of report samples. They will also be creating a report finder to bring up pages from specific files.

Candidates must be US Citizens or Green Card holders. Please send resumes to
16 years ago
We are looking for java developer with GUI experience. The position will go until the end of the year with an almost certain extension into 2008. Our client needs at least 1 person but potentially 2 people.

Looking for a Senior Java Software Engineer for the development of a user interface for a strategic project (ENFDD, CICM, DDEEC). The position entails leading the design, development and testing of the user interface, and its integration with server side components.

This person will be working on the client database in the development group. They will be performing updates to the database for new releases until it is replaced (will happen but not for a couple of years).

Top Technical Skills:
GUI Development
2.MVC (Model-view-controller)
--------------------- Nice to haves

Top Professional Skills:
1. Strong communicator

Candidates must be a US Citizen or Green card holder. please send resumes and salary expectations to
16 years ago